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Mistborn: The Inquisition


A Team Effort

Lara 07 Jan 2019

After four years of working for a cell, Lara was not new to the skaa rebellion. She had heard Datura’s name come up more than occasionally in conversations, and her crew was known to be one of the toughest and most capable in Luthadel. Datura was respected. Feared.

So when the news came that she wanted the help of Kolin and his crew in a particular mission of hers, Lara wasn’t sure how to react.

On one hand, there was so much opportunity just waiting to be taken. Lara could gain plenty of useful contacts in the underground. Maybe make some friends - one never knew. And that wasn’t counting the opportunity for the rebellion as a whole. It seemed like the skaa were truly beginning to unite and make progress.

On the other hand, this was Datura’s crew she was meeting. One did not get on Datura’s bad side without facing dire consequences.

And then, Lara, of all people, was chosen to accompany Kolin to meet the crew. She stood now, waiting silently at their chosen meeting spot, counting deep breaths in a fruitless effort to tame the nervous mist in her stomach. They still had several minutes left before a few members of the other crew would arrive.

“Kolin, why choose me?” Lara asked softly. “Is it to avoid coming off as aggressive, since I’m generally quiet and can’t fight?” She couldn’t think of another reason. Copper would be unnecessary in this situation, as Kolin would be unlikely to burn his pewter unless the situation turned dangerous. Lara wasn’t witty or charismatic, and although she helped oversee some of her crew’s administrative tasks, negotiation wasn’t her strong point.

“You rarely give yourself enough credit, Lara. Yes, I do want this crew to think of us as allies, not as a threat. But you’re one of the only people in my crew that I trust to not mess this up.”

“Thank you. That means so much to me, to hear that.” Lara smiled at the compliment, although the emotion mixed strangely with her unease. “I really do want to be here for you.”

Lara glanced out into the street, and saw a few figures approaching.

“Oh, looks like the others are finally here!” Lara swept back a rogue strand of hair, straightened her back, and braced herself for what was to come.
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