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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Gethen Sureau

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#1 Gethen Sureau

  • Former Lord Prelan

High House Noble
  • Age51

  • Relationship StatusSingle

  • OriginLuthadel

Posted 12 August 2010 - 10:17 AM

<center><span style="font-size:17pt;line-height:100%">GETHEN SUREAU</span>
<span style="font-size:8pt;line-height:100%">Steel Inquisitor</span></center>

Player Information
Handle: Chaos2651
Contact: AIM, YIM, MSN - Chaos2651

Character Information
Name: Gethen Sureau
Age: 51
Type: Inquisitor
Gender: Male
Canton: Inquisition. Formerly Orthodoxy.
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Hemalurgy
Metals Used: Nine spikes total. Gold spike (Feruchemical Gold), atium spike (Allomantic atium), 4 steel spikes (Allomantic iron, steel, tin, and pewter), 3 bronze (Allomantic zinc, brass, and bronze)
Degree of Skill: Intermediate

Hair: In typical Sureau style, it would have been straight, such dark brown it is nearly black, but now it is shaved bald.
Eyes: Dark brown, but now this is not applicable due to the spikes in his eyes.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: More overweight than your typical Inquisitor, judging from his freshness in this new form, as well as years of no physical labor.
Voice: Deep, yet somewhat scratchy
Overall Appearance: Gethen never looked good in any sense of the word. He has a bit of a belly, as being the former lord prelan did not condition himself for manual labor. His most striking feature are the scars on the left side of his face, which were from burns. However, his tattoos have obscured them slightly.

Special Skills: Poison Making, Biology, Planning
Strengths: His zeal and his willingness to sacrifice anything to get ahead have served him well. He is also an eloquent writer when he needs to be, and reads frequently. He thinks things through fully, often coming up with many contingency plans, as long as his mind is clear.
Weaknesses: His logic is so ingrained into him that he rarely thinks with his heart or with compassion, merely success and failure. If his plans fall through, however, and sudden things surprise him, this destroys him. He fails to understand his own emotion sometimes, and that brought him into this current catastrophe. In addition, he has never been in a hand-to-hand fight until becoming an Inquisitor, so he is not a trained fighter.


Gethen has always been a vicious pragmatist, often resulting in more than a few dead by design or consequence. With this skill, he excelled in the Steel Ministry, which never cared much for lost life. He rose through the ranks in the Ministry because of it, with a few well-laid poisonings to accelerate the process. Ironically, this murderous pragmatism is the kind of trait valued in the Inquisitors.

His hobby is biology, and he sees the order and brilliance in the Lord Ruler's "additions" to mankind. He loves the order in the universe, and longs to remove nonsense and chaos from it.


House Sureau was at the height of its dominance over the Final Empire, long before House venture dominated Luthadel. Sureau was the last of the bygone era of the sixth century, the epitome of excess and decadence, and Gethen was born with everything he could ever want.

Lord Oswaldt Sureau had two sons already, Maxen and Aneirin, but the Sureaus were shocked when Oswaldt's wife was pregnant with a third child. Gethen. Infertility of the nobility overcame--for Sureau were harshest to skaa, and forbade encounters with them with the harshest penalty--a third son meant that Sureau could continue to expand, for Sureau sons were leaders. Three sons meant more leaders to dominate the Final Empire. It was utterly certain Sureau would come to lead for at least another generation.

By keeping the Sureau line pure--often marrying cousins in the process--Oswaldt was certain Allomancers would come from that. Much to Oswaldt's fury, Maxen and Aneirin failed to Snap.

Gethen, a good decade younger than Aneirin (who was himself five years younger than Maxen), had a relatively easy childhood. He learned to read and write early, and had a knack for the sciences. Still, his life felt hollow somehow. He saw Maxen and Aneirin do far more glamorous things, with Maxen beginning to attend Balls. Sureau seemed fine without Gethen's help. So he studied, but never saw much point, and Gethen needed to be able to find a reason for things.

Then came the time for Gethen's beating, and again, Gethen was no Allomancer. In Lord Oswaldt's rage, he beat Gethen again, personally. Oswaldt believed that stronger Allomancers needed more trauma needed to bring the power. To Snap, perhaps Gethen had not receive enough punishment? So, Oswaldt grabbed the torch from the wall and tossed it onto young Gethen. Gethen screamed and bawled as the flames ate his skin, and his father only said to strengthen his resolve. Once Lord Sureau was satisfied, he finally extinguished the flames, washing young Gethen down.

Gethen was not an Allomancer.

The entire Keep reverberated under Oswaldt's bellowing rage. Not even when he put one of his lowly Coinshots near Gethen, the boy burned no copper. Gethen was as good as barren.

Around this time, Gethen began to realize his father was hardly sane. Lord Oswaldt had Gethen's mother murdered on the suspicion of being skaa--for she had to be, in Oswaldt's mind, to not birth Allomancers--despite her pleas, despite her screams. Soon after her death, Oswaldt's investigators assured him that she was completely noble. There was no doubt. Three years later, Oswaldt took his own life because of it, and Maxen, fifteen years older than Gethen, ruled House Sureau. He was not much better.

The time in the fires forced Gethen to pray more. A living god like the Lord Ruler would cherish more perfection than this crazed, unhinged House. He prayed for the Lord Ruler to remove his scars, but the scars on the right side of his face never cleared, always blemishing him. He could never get a good bride due to his scarring, much less a lover.

He was sick of Maxen and Aneirin's torture, sick of the madness of Sureau! One day, when he was seventeen, he told Maxen he was leaving for the Steel Ministry. That earned him one final whipping from Maxen.

With the help of his Terrisman, he escaped the Keep, and joined the Canton of Orthodoxy. He sacrificed his name to do so, but the Sureau name was linked with insanity. He longed to leave it behind and start anew. His scars reminded him of Sureau, but it didn't matter. His Ministry tattoos obscured the scars. At last, he was free.

In the Steel Ministry, he learned. His curiosity could finally be sated, and he learned the answer to many mysteries. He learned what the Lord Ruler did for mankind, how He saved them all. There was a method to the Lord Ruler's design, His alteration of man. Gethen relished in this knowledge that everything had purpose, order. Everything Sureau did not have.

But Gethen sacrificed much, not merely for the Lord Ruler's sake, but because some of his fellow obligators disliked him for reasons Gethen could not fathom. His first prelan was in those ranks, and always made Gethen suffer. Senseless, meaningless things. Was hatred a good justification for torture? Gethen refused to believe that. It made no sense for tougher, more violent obligators to harrass Gethen for not being as skilled with a blade as they, for big dolts like them should join the army, not something as superior as the Steel Ministry.

Now that Gethen had tasted some freedom, he would not go back to the dominion of a fool. Gethen knew the Lord Ruler would rather senseless fools perish, so Gethen brewed poisons for his prelan. Poisons, Gethen thought, were the best method of killing. They had design and form to them, a far less barbaric art than slitting someone's throat. Far more orderly. Gethen knew the design well and all of their consequences. So well that when he poisoned the prelan, he successfully framed one of his fellow acolytes who constantly haunted him in his life as an obligator. Yes, Gethen was free.

His other superiors quite liked his zeal and his devotion to order, and Gethen rose through Ministry ranks. In power, he squashed petty disputes, and he managed his subordinates with ruthless efficiency. He accomplished much, and Gethen knew that his methods of ordering things worked perfectly. By twenty-three, his administration techniques gained such renown that a Great House, Venture, had chosen him to be their youthful chief obligator. It would be the first of Gethen's records made in his long career.

Venture was a Great House--newer than Sureau, but what House in Luthadel was older than Sureau?--but he knew it could be a far more powerful force in Luthadel. Most obligators' careers were boosted from what House they chose, and Gethen knew Venture would be a powerful one. That first year, he realized that Venture had the strength to perhaps rival Sureau itself. Gethen helped them, his intimate knowledge of Sureau impressing the Ventures, and so Venture gained more influence. Sureau wobbled, and he relished in that. If Venture could snatch Sureau's contract for the Pits of Hathsin, Sureau would surely die.

Doing so involved shattering a Venture-Sureau alliance, for the late Oswaldt Sureau's sister, Celeste, had been married to the young House Venture Lord, Denton Venture. She'd been Mistborn, and this had stabilized Venture in their chaotic time after establishing a Keep in Luthadel. House Deveaux, a rival of Venture from Urteau, had followed them to Luthadel, and also maintained a Keep, but it was Celeste Sureau's marriage which gave Venture an edge against them. Fortunately, when Gethen arrived in Venture, Celeste had recently passed away, thus concealing Gethen's House of Origin.

The ambition of Ellsworth and Shokhan, Denton Venture's sons, drove Gethen to Venture. They were powerful allies, equally vicious and determined, yet in opposite ways. Shokhan, the heir, was hotheaded and impulsive, and though he managed to channel it in a ruthless fashion, Gethen much preferred Ellsworth, a calm, efficient man who did not hesitate to do what was necessary. Ellsworth was a man like Gethen, orderly and pragmatic.

While Shokhan could easily give Venture great power, he could also lead the House into ruin, destroying Gethen's career. And Gethen demanded success. He had tasted the orderliness he could create, and if the ultimate end of his career was under a fool's grip, this would be unacceptable. Gethen longed to succeed and dominate, for those under him would always feel the same powerful efficiency as he did.

Gethen knew he had little time. It was well known that the aging Lord Denton, after the death of his wife, longed to retire, living the rest of his life in a measure of peace. Gethen would not rest if Shokhan received the House title, and he quietly let his aggression show at Shokhan. It did not take long for the two men, Gethen the obvious younger one of the two, to take a dislike to eachother. They had an excellent working relationship, but it was often strained. Gethen dared not to poison Shokhan, for he was a paranoid man. Gethen suspected Shokhan's paranoia came from being Mistborn.

The method would be simple: set up Shokhan to lose favor in the eyes of his father. Gethen knew if Shokhan made a devastating mistake--due to his hot head--this would enrage Shokhan into making more mistakes. All Gethen would need to do is set the right trap for the Venture heir.

Venture's eternal rival, Deveaux, provided a perfect opportunity. The relationship between the two Houses was workable, but always with a hint of aggressiveness. Gethen thought it was time for that conflict to come to a head. He came to Shokhan, pleading with him, assuring the man that he had acquired some special Ministry knowledge. No, I'm not supposed to tell you this, Gethen had said, but you must attack Deveaux before they assassinate you.

Gethen heard an obligator had "witnessed" a deal between Deveaux and a mercantile Central Dominance-based House, Ollivier, which said that in order for Ollivier to ally and Contract with Deveaux, they needed to eliminate the potential backlash from House Venture, by killing the Venture heir, who was naturally a known Mistborn due to Shokhan's own hastiness.

Shokhan initially did not believe Gethen's statements, but Gethen assured Shokhan his loyalty to House Venture. Gethen would never let the Venture heir die. These of course were all lies, and Gethen did not like lies, for they were the tools of those he hated, but he rationalized this as necessary for the success of House Venture. Gethen's cool demeanor did not give his lie away to Shokhan, and eventually the heir's paranoia and rudimentary fact checking (that, indeed, Ollivier prepared to ally with Deveaux) made him fear the worst. On the night of a Venture Ball, the stated night where Deveaux would make the kill, Shokhan struck first.

It took Denton great effort to maintain his calm when his son killed three Deveauxs in plain sight.

That night, Shokhan pleaded with Denton, blaming Gethen for the idea. Gethen, too, was scolded, but what Denton hated most was Shokhan's impulsiveness, hardly having any desire to hide who did the act. In Denton's eyes, this was an unforgivably stupid move, precisely the stupid move Gethen needed Shokhan to perform. So troubled was Denton, almost sixty, that he decided to punish Shokhan in the most damaging way: making Ellsworth the new heir. Denton also suggested he join the Ministry, to cool his head and learn some structure.

Enraged, Shokhan assaulted Gethen in the night, stabbing him once before a horrified Ellsworth stopped Shokhan from finishing Gethen off. Ellsworth, disgusted with his elder brother, said harsh words. After all, it was not Gethen's fault Shokhan had failed so spectacularly. Ellsworth refused to speak with Shokhan, and in two days, Shokhan realized that he could go to the Ministry. Shokhan wanted to know the secrets the Ministry held in its little obligators: the truth, free from Gethen's lies. Gethen grinned as Shokhan left House Venture. The Steel Ministry was his domain, and even a Mistborn like Shokhan would prove no threat to him there. It would be odd that a year later, none of Gethen's contacts to figure out which Canton Shokhan ended up in. It certainly was not Orthodoxy, where Gethen knew the most.

Ellsworth Venture had a week before Denton intended to retire, and so Denton left it to Ellsworth to decide Gethen's fate. Ellsworth quite liked Gethen, but he was no fool. He suspected Gethen set this up to get Ellsworth in power, though he never confronted the obligator about it. But Ellsworth's immediate reaction was one of caution. Besides, why would he punish an obligator who'd just been stabbed by his clearly deranged brother? Ellsworth kept Gethen, and within two weeks, as he became accustomed to his power, he realized how advantageous the obligator was to keep around.

And Ellsworth grew accustomed quickly. Gethen never quite knew the full details of Ellsworth and Shokhan's relationship, as Gethen had to work hard to understand emotion, but obviously it was not good. Ellsworth had gotten annoyed with his brothers actions, and perhaps had thoughts of how he could rule Venture better. In Gethen's opinion, the difference was as stark as day and mist.

Ellsworth acted slowly, methodically, and strongly, giving Venture some superb contracts. But the principal contract, the Pits Contract, was elusive. Denton, while not a principal player in Venture politics, was Ellsworth's closest advisor, and while Denton still lived, Gethen would never get Ellsworth to make a strike against Sureau. In part, it was Gethen's job to aid in gaining enough Venture contracts that they could survive when Sureau inevitably toppled.

When Gethen was twenty-six, three years into his tenure at Venture, Denton grew sick, but the old Lord had been sick before. Ellsworth never showed his sorrow, but Gethen was not so oblivious to not recognize depression when he saw it. Venture was gaining strength, the fourth strongest House in Luthadel. This was time, Gethen thought, for Venture to strike against Sureau's wavering dominance. But Denton had to at last succumb to sickness, and couldn't recover again, not when Gethen was so close! So Gethen prepared a subtle poison for Lord Venture. This would make Ellsworth focus back on the tasks at hand, and end the sorrow. This was a merciful act. As Denton died, none had any idea Gethen accelerated death's grip a little.

Gethen's old Terrisman remained his one link with his dark House, and Gethen learned Maxen had not ruled Sureau effectively. They maintained their riches, but Maxen was corrupt, often fueling the opulence of House Sureau over things like maintaining their rank. They alienated many minor Houses they worked with during the process. At Balls, everyone knew that the crazy Sureaus were losing their dominance. As far as Gethen's Terrisman knew, Sureau had no Mistborn, though they kept illusions of one. Venture, however, had some Allomancers, even without Shokhan's "help". They even had one twenty year old Mistborn to help. Denton had died, Ellsworth was ready to freely craft his empire.

It was time to attack Sureau.

It took months of coaxing and planning before Ellsworth knew this was the right thing to do, but Ellsworth eventually desired some of Sureau's contracts. Sureau essentially sucked the talent out of Luthadel, and a rising Great House like Venture needed more talent to manage their growing array of mighty contracts. Ellsworth knew he needed to weaken Sureau for this reason. Little did Lord Venture realize what Sureau truly held.

The attack thrilled Gethen. Giving information to Sureau's enemies felt forbidden, glorious! The Venture squad knew precisely where to enter Keep Sureau. The assassination of Maxen Sureau went flawlessly, and the Ventures killed a few of Sureau's Allomancers in the process. Sadly, the young Venture Mistborn, when Sureau hazekillers asked, revealed they were of House Venture. Sureau immediately broke ties with House Venture.

Ellsworth was not worried, for Lord Maxen's death left a vacuum in Luthadel, and Maxen's son--the Sureau heir--was merely sixteen. Quietly, a secretive Ministry contract had appeared on the Finance market. Gethen knew what this one was, instantly recommending Venture enter their bid. Ellsworth thought it odd. Venture never entered in the guard and security business, and this contract, while granting a nice sum, did not seem worth opening a new division in their business strategy. Gethen persuaded Ellsworth, and Ellsworth trusted his judgment.

In negotiations with the Ministry, however, two other Houses also bid, one being House Deveaux. Here Gethen met a Deveaux obligator named Sira, of the Canton of Resource. She fought with the same cool tenacity as Gethen. Careful, methodical. They were perfect enemies. Because of her, the negotiations lasted nine whole days. She made a fine case, too: Deveaux monitored its skaa closely, they were a mining House. Gethen had gotten worried. But rumor had it that the Lord Ruler personally made his decision. Venture got the Contract. Only after Ellsworth won did the veil of secrecy lift--before only the obligators knew of its significance--and Ellsworth realized how powerful he would become with this. Lord Venture thanked Gethen profusely, holding a private celebration in his honor.

Gethen was not there. Something about Sira intoxicated him. She was a woman almost like him, logical and pragmatic. That night, he went to meet with Sira. They had heated arguments. They detested each other.

Inexplicably, the arguments morphed into kisses, and lead into her bedroom. Fortunate, then, that they were of the same rank, and thus it was not explicitly forbidden. Afterwards, they still despised each other, but Gethen did not care. He finally got to touch a woman who didn't care about his scars. The result was his daughter, Marcille Sureau, who married off into Deveaux, because Sira left the girl in their care. Gethen visited Marcille from time to time, but he hardly raised the girl.

House Venture, in a few short years, shot into the number one rank in Luthadel. Deveaux rose in power, too. Sureau fought them, always focusing on Venture, as their rank plummeted. But though Ellsworth's power was stretched, he held strong, bashing down Sureau successfully.

At age 29, Gethen departed from House Venture back into the Canton of Orthodoxy. His success with Venture gave him much prestige in his return to the Ministry, and he relished in the power. Apparently, he used it effectively. Through a miracle straight from the Lord Ruler--literally--Gethen became the lord prelan, the youngest to do so. He was 31.

Being lord prelan was akin to the most enormous Great House ever conceived, and Gethen held its "House Title". He always thought he could do this forever. Working closely with the Lord Ruler made him realize how brilliant the Sliver of Infinity truly was. Under his direct purview, Gethen's zeal solidified, his faith in his god immutable.

The nobility, as always, had their petty squabbles, but the Gethen's Steel Ministry was one of order. He tired of the perpetual conflict between Cantons, squashing these futile debates once and for all. Only the Canton of Inquisition caused issues now. He and the High Inquisitor always clashed, but Gethen's keen administration skills made for new compromises for Inquisition, and so they became more self-insulated from the other Cantons. The High Inquisitor liked that.

Gethen thought these squabbles would finally end when the High Inquisitor passed, until the Lord Ruler selected a wraith Gethen thought long gone to be his new leader of the Canton of Inquisition: Shokhan. For one moment of horror, Gethen's faith in the Lord Ruler wavered. Yet, it made sense to select an Inquisitor who'd already been Mistborn to become High Inquisitor, for they would be strongest.

To Gethen, the Lord Ruler's selection was His latest test. And for the next decade, it was an immensely trying test. It focused Gethen, forcing him to be more cunning in order to defeat Shokhan's plots. Shokhan seemed intent on weakening Gethen's power, and did so with a quiet meticulousness Gethen did not know the man had. The Steel Ministry and the Canton of Inquisition unleashed something terrible with Shokhan. Gethen would defeat him.

So, almost fifteen years into Gethen's tenure as lord prelan, when Shokhan had been sent to the Farmost Dominance to get to the bottom of a bizarre rebellion, Gethen left Luthadel to chase the Inquisitor.

They arrived more than a month later, and by then, Farmost's nobility and Ministry facilities had been ravaged. Its capital annihilated, its Canton of Orthodoxy building was burned to the ground, Farmost's high prelan burned with it. Shokhan personally slaughtered skaa in antonishing numbers. Not to be outdone, Gethen organized mass executions.

He and Shokhan spent the next few months rebuilding and silencing witnesses. Gethen typically offered Farmost Houses excellent contracts if they erased the incident from their minds, Shokhan murdered and threatened others. Such a terrible brute of a man, Shokhan, if he could be considered human any longer.

Shokhan killed the leader of this rebellion: an especially defiant skaa Mistborn. But in the reconstruction process, smaller attacks occurred, ones with violent precision. One night, assassins rushed the half-built Orthodoxy building to kill Gethen. Because he was no fighter, he was brutally injured, but his honor guard was able to save the lord prelan, though not before Gethen locked eyes with one of the assassins. That assassin was no fighter, yet he taunted Gethen. Why was he there?

Somehow, while most of the attackers died, one slipped away. The next morning, Gethen awoke, and exiting the Orthodoxy building, he saw these words in the plaza, emblazoned in fire:


Gethen scoffed. There'd been other cocky rebels before, and the Lord Ruler always killed them. That assassin who had escaped merely got lucky. Later, one of his attendants brought him a letter they had found on the ground. In handwriting fit for a Luthadel lord, it said: You will never find me. I dwell within the shadows cast by this vile Empire, unraveling it one strand at a time. The Final Empire shall burn, and you, Lord Prelan, shall be the kindling.

They were just stupid skaa rebels, and they taunt the lord prelan? But as Gethen slept that night, he had dreams of fire. Memories of himself in the flames, and the permanent scars it left on its face. He could not shake the thoughts from his mind. Shokhan told Gethen that this was madness. He had already killed the leader of this rebellion?this was just a lunatic. Well, Gethen thought, Shokhan can jump himself into a mistwraith. Of course the High Inquisitor would be resistant to Gethen's notions. That was as eternal as the Lord Ruler.

But, the strikes against Farmost slowly dwindled. That man probably died in his own fire. Gethen and Shokhan returned to Luthadel. All was well, until a Luthadel Lord had been murdered, by skaa Allomancers, no less.

Slowly, random attacks began to swarm Luthadel. Gethen felt a chill. These attacks, though different from Farmost's attacks, were too intelligent for skaa to put on. There was a focus on fire, sometimes, though the Inquisitors never admitted there was a pattern. Gethen remembered the letter and the fires. Something had gone terribly wrong.

The man who he met eyes with at Farmost, who claimed to live in the shadows... had that Shade left Farmost, to strike at the heart of the Empire? He could not have traveled as skaa... the Shade had to have traveled as a nobleman. Horrifying, a nobleman who tried to tear down the Empire itself? Gethen began to draft a proposal to the Lord Ruler to try and take a harsher tone to the nobility and their skaa: an Inquisition. This, he knew, would catch the Shade and the House which protected him, with an added benefit of annoying Shokhan, too.

The Inquisitors laughed at his ideas. Shokhan assured Gethen that if the nobility was aiding skaa, he would catch them. Indeed, one of the Inquisitors had slain Lord Urbain himself for his indiscretion. But Gethen had doubts. For a month, the attacks persisted. The Shade was destroying Gethen's realm, all he had built! For the Lord Ruler's sake! The Shade was even pushing Gethen out of reason, succumbing to petty revenge.

Even his advisors feared the Inquisition legislation, but Gethen feared more what the Shade would do if those idiotic Inquisitors of Shokhan's wouldn't end this! The Shade assaulted--successfully--the Canton of Resource Headquarters. Gethen needed to take drastic action to end this, no matter the costs. The nobles would bounce back under the pressure eventually. All would fall to the Final Empire in time, but only because the Empire's obligators knew when exercise force effectively. This Inquisition would be brutal, but the Shade would be destroyed, without a doubt.

The Lord Ruler expressed his doubts. Was he just afraid to take action against the ancestors of his old friends? While the Lord Ruler always knew best, Gethen could think of no other way. The Lord Ruler approved the Inquisition, but made it clear to Gethen that this was his proposal. If it failed, it would be Gethen's fault. That merely strengthened the lord prelan's resolve.

To Gethen's horror, the Shade continued his onslaught for months and months.

He did not understand! The Inquisition was working properly. More Inquisitors. More Seekers in Luthadel. More oversight of the nobility. The nobility felt the weight of the Inquisition, and noblemen died. Not the Shade, apparently. Attacks lessened, but they happened with horrifying frequency. After an attack where the prelan of Finance was slain, the Lord Ruler entered Gethen's office, accompanied with Inquisitors: Shokhan, Aerouna, and Davinna. The accursed High Inquisitor along with his most ruthless and his most intelligent coming to destroy him.

The Lord Ruler did not like the nobility's reaction to the Inquisition, not when the legislation failed so spectacularly. And the Lord Ruler did not like failure. Resigned, Gethen knew this was the end. Oh well. It had been a good career, up until the Shade arrived. He could not blame his God for this, for Gethen knew He'd been right.

They did not kill him there. Instead, they led Gethen outside to Kredik Shaw's complex. Well, he supposed there were worse deaths than God murdering you in His own palace. But they continued around to the Canton of Inquisition.

They shoved him in a small room there, the grimy room filled with people. Before Gethen realized what was happened, spikes pierced flesh. Men around him fell to the ground. Shokhan laughed and laughed. The Lord Ruler stayed silent. Though Gethen could no longer see, he could feel the Lord Ruler's disappointment.

Gethen had been made an Inquisitor. He had never wanted to be an Allomancer. ?Why,? he croaked weakly.

?You wanted this all,? the Lord Ruler said. ?Now you shall feel the consequences of what you have wrought.?

Gethen quickly realized, as young Aerouna trained him, he had specifically been constructed weaker. This was no promotion; he could not even burn copper, and most of his spikes reused. Gethen designed the Inquisition to leave a trail of blood. The Lord Ruler intended Gethen to realize just exactly what that meant by making him kill personally.

In all his poisonings, Gethen never thought he would have to kill personally. Such a brutish art. Shokhan relished in tormenting Gethen, sending him frequently to kill. Gethen hated all of it, but he performed his God's will.

Gethen was damned, and he knew he deserved every second of it.

Roleplay Sample

Gethen never wished he came back from the dead. He never wanted to be Mistborn. He never wanted the pain. He never wanted to hear people scream when he walked up on them. The Lord Ruler, however, decided that Gethen needed punishment. Death was too good for some.

Gethen Pulled on the metal railing of the manor. It was difficult to see the ash falling, but he felt it on his body, caressing him like death itself. The Final Empire was death. Gethen knew that when he was lord prelan; he knew it even better now. But if it was death that would redeem Gethen in the Lord Ruler's eyes, he would do so.

Even if he needed to murder his daughter tonight.

He knew the precise window which entered Marcille Deveaux's bed chambers. He had visited there many times before, when he had been lord prelan.

It had felt like so long ago since he last saw her, though it was a mere month. This was no longer the Gethen Sureau, Lord Prelan for fifteen years. This was the Gethen Sureau who slaughters in the Inquisition of his own design. There would be much blood tonight.

He landed awkwardly on the balcony. The Lord Ruler's punishment, clearly, involved Gethen being the weakest of the Inquisitors. He burned bronze, but he heard nothing. Gethen was no Allomancer before his transformation, and with one bronze spike, he could not pierce copperclouds as others could. He was weak. Though, to the inferior nobility or skaa, that hardly mattered. They always screamed, regardless. As he burned pewter, bursting through the glass door, this was no different.

"Lord Ruler," Eston Deveaux said wearily. Gethen Pulled at the metal of their four-poster bed. As Eston saw Gethen flying towards him, he swore, leaping out of bed. Eston was naked. Clearly, he enjoyed Gethen's daughter. Marcille screamed. Gethen raised his obsidian axe. Eston ran, but Gethen had pewter.

Eston's body collapsed, and his head squirted blood when it hit the hardwood floor.

"NO!" Marcille cried.

Gethen stepped onto the bed, grabbing her by the neck. She, too, was naked--Gethen could tell, not because of his immense skill with iron sight, but simply because the variations of metal were far different when someone lacked clothes. Unfortunate she was indecent, because of what Gethen had been ordered to do next. So, under the cloak of darkness, Gethen said nothing to his doomed daughter. He wouldn't dare to reveal himself, that would hurt just as much as his spikes. Casually, he slung her on his back and walked down the hallway.

Marcille tried to break free of his grip, kicking and screaming violently. Though Gethen was not the strongest, his pewter held. A person--skaa servant, judging by the shoddy signatures of metal which Gethen thought of as clothing--came running down the other end of the hall, but once he saw Gethen, he slinked back behind a pillar. Gethen thought about reaching into his coin pouch and killing the skaa. Precept Two of the Inquisition said, Those who collaborate with blasphemers shall be executed. This skaa didn't necessarily collaborate with the rebels. Marcille and Eston, however, did. Gethen needed to be merciful, so he let the skaa live.

"Let me down!" Marcille screamed in that familiar, shrill voice. But, Gethen did not want to kill more than he already had to, so he tossed Marcille to the ground and punched her with a pewter-enhanced fist straight to the stomach.

"Quiet," he said. It surprised Gethen how twisted his voice seemed to be, now with his body transformed by Hemalurgy, but this time, it still managed to sound fatherly.

Tears flowed freely from Marcille's eyes, then her expression turned into terror. "You... you're alive?"

"Sadly," Gethen said, slinging her again to his back.

He paused, sighing. I'm sorry, Marcille. If Gethen hadn't made the Inquisition, this wouldn't have happened. Someone so ancillary to the rebellion should not have to die, but this was the punishment Gethen had to endure. He broke into a run.

"Why, Marcille, did you have to help the skaa?"

"I didn't!" she wheezed. "I swear by the Lord Ruler, a-and you don't take His name lightly!"

"Who is the Shade? Did you meet him?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, Father. Please, can we just take a moment to discuss--"

"Who is your contact? Quickly now."

"There is no damned contact! Dad, trust me for once! Lord Ruler, just listen!"

He halted once more. High Inquisitor Shokhan could have been wrong. House Deveaux never treated its skaa particularly nicely, and from what little Gethen knew of his daughter, she felt little love for them, either. Could Shokhan be using the Inquisition to make an example of Deveaux here? Deveaux gained too much strength, they did need to be taken down a few notches... And certainly, Shokhan would relish in the cruel irony of Gethen killing his family.

No, Gethen thought. What does it matter? Shokhan was the Lord Ruler's Chosen, for some reason. Personal distaste of the High Inquisitor did not mean Gethen could afford the Lord Ruler's ire. He needed the Lord Ruler's forgiveness. This was the only path ahead of him. Gethen needed to make no decisions here. His decisions led to pain, like here. Better to let others do some deciding for once.

He cringed as he continued outside, his daughter about to die. He never knew her well, but it hurt nonetheless. Fortunately, the pain of the spikes hurt more, so he pressed on.

"No, no, no," Marcille said, bawling. "Please, please..."

If she betrayed her House to the skaa, the least Gethen could do for his only child would be a quick death, relatively speaking. No torture today. Gethen would kill her, but if the lack of contacts displeased Shokhan, well, that would just be one shining light in this catastrophe.

He heard a cry from the corridor to the right, like a baby's cry. That was... his grandson's room, down that hallway. Despite the blue vision, he knew the way instinctively.

"NO! Please, there's no need to involve him, Father! Lord Ruler, a Sureau or Deveaux can take care of him! W-why are you still moving?"

He tossed Marcille to the floor careless, Pulling the handle of the bedroom's door. He burst in and saw the baby. Beautiful, sleeping in his crib. He would so miss his parents, if he would remember them. A shame they died. Gethen caressed his axe. Raynard would never live a happy life any longer. In Sureau, he'd live in madness. In Deveaux, he'd live in an eternal, suffocating pressure. This would be better, more merciful this way. He raised his axe.

Death was just as harsh in a shade of blue.

"I'm sorry," Gethen said under Marcille's cries.

"You monster! H-how dare you betray your own family!"

Gethen grabbed her, despite her pleas and weak attacks, he now ran into the foyer. Two men, each holding a wooden staff, ran toward him. Gethen's bronze alerted him that one was a Coinshot, the other a Thug. As a weak Inquisitor, he had no copper to disrupt his bronze. The Deveaux Allomancers, upon seeing Gethen, halted. They shivered. Yes, I am a monster, Gethen thought.

"Do something! He killed Eston and Raynaud!"

The Allomancers backed away, and knelt. "Your Grace."

"Damn you!" Marcille swore. "Damn you all..."

Gethen exited the manor into a large, enclosed courtyard, complete with a fountain. On the far side of the courtyard stood the gates. They would do.

Marcille finally stopped her screams, instead devolving into a quiet sob on Gethen's shoulder. It was as if she was a child and he was comforting her after a nightmare. Only now, Gethen was the nightmare.

He Pulled up, landing on the parapet of the gate. He reached behind his cloak, feeling near that excruciating spike in the center of the back. Around it hung a steel hook. He fastened it to the wall, Marcille's depressing tears reminding him this was all by Gethen's design.

Gethen shuffled her off his back, onto his arms. "Why," she said softly.

"Because I am a fool. This is all my fault, Marcille." That didn't stop Gethen from impaling her.

As he ran out the gate, he glanced at Marcille's naked, bloody body hanging from the top. This was his Inquisition. Never killing the Shade behind the rebels, but certainly destroying everything else.

No, death was harsher in a shade of blue, as it desensitized it, making it unreal. Gethen never should be this desensitized to the violence. But, this was what the Lord Ruler wanted. Gethen would kill, if only for the vain hope he would be forgiven.

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