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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Davinna Casuana

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#1 Davinna Casuana

  • The Prettiest Little Inquisitor

Chunky the Mistwraith
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Posted 14 August 2010 - 05:21 AM

"Davinna Casuana"
(The Cutest) Inquisitor

Player Information
Handle : Shivertongue
Contact : PM, AIM (in profile)

Character Information
Name: Davinna Casuana
Age: 24
Type: Inquisitor
Gender: Female
Occupation: Canton of Inquisition
Marital Status: Single

Type of Powers: Allomancy, Hemalurgy
Metals Used:
Allomantic: Gold, iron, steel, pewter, tin, zinc, copper, bronze, electrum
Feruchemical: Two zinc metalminds
Spikes: 4 steel (Allomantic iron, steel, tin and pewter), 4 bronze (Allomantic zinc, copper, 2 bronze), 1 brass (Feruchemical zinc), 1 gold (Feruchemical gold), 1 atium (Allomantic electrum)
Degree of Skill: Savant (gold, iron, steel) Advanced (bronze, zinc) Intermediate (pewter, tin, copper, electrum)

Hair: Formally bright red and very, very curly. Now shaved bald.
Eyes: Previously green. Replaced with eyespikes.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Voice: Soprano, slightly airy and with a faint hint of a giggle.
Overall Appearance: Before becoming an Inquisitor, Davinna was a pretty girl with full lips, bright green eyes, and a slender figure that gained her a share of admirers. Upon joining the Ministry, her beloved red curls were shorn off, and the eye tattoos of the Canton of Doctrine were applied to her face - swirling black and blue scrollwork. Upon being made an Inquisitor, one half of her tattoos were changed to the crackling black bolts of Inquisition. Unlike most Inquisitors, Davinna has apparently gained no height or build from her transformation, remaining short and slender.

She keeps her eyespikes polished to a mirror shine, and has the cutest dimples you?ve ever seen.

Special Skills: Eidetic memory. As an obligator of the Canton of Doctrine, she has read thousands of books and taught dozens of noble-born students, giving her connections among the nobility. An expert on the history of the Final Empire, and able to recite it, in full detail, in it?s entirety - including the tactics used in failed rebellions, the past schemes of the nobility, and their complete genealogies.
Strengths: Analyzation and deduction. With her zincminds, razor-sharp intellect, and eidetic memory, Davinna never forgets a thing she sees or experiences. She is a capable strategist and adept at thinking on her feet. With her small frame, she is very fast and agile, even without the use of her stolen Allomantic powers.
Weaknesses: Davinna is a gold savant, and has an obsession with looking to what she could have been. Since being made into an Inquisitor, she has begun seeing more than just images of what she could have been when burning gold - she sees scenes, situations, entire lives she could have led. Whether this is the result of being a gold savant or simple hallucination is unknown. As a gold savant, she spends much of her time burning gold, and thus sees these images constantly; she has learned, for the most part, to block them out when she needs to, but she isn't always successful. She has managed to keep this aspect of herself a secret from her superiors.

Davinna does not carry herself like most Inquisitors. While she does take delight in the torment and destruction of skaa rebels and half-breeds, her main role among the Inquisitors is that of tactics and information. She was chosen for her mind and ability to learn and deduce rather than her physical abilities or Allomantic power.

Already more than a little schizophrenic from her repeated abuses of gold burning, Davinna?s conversion into an Inquisitor, and the subsequent constant pain of her spikes, snapped Davinna?s mind a little further. Her mind now interprets the pain as pleasure, and the resulting flood of endorphins is constant. Smiles are rare to leave her face, and she carries an airy quality to her speech and actions that cause many to underestimate her. Despite this, her intellect and memory are completely intact.

Davinna burns gold almost constantly, and while she has learned to see past the visions while in public, there is the rare occasion when she stares at nothing and giggles.


Davinna was born in the Southern Dominance to Everett Casuana, brother of House leader Lucius.

Her upbringing was filled with the normal activities of a noble-born young lady, and much of her time was spent in boredom as her father trained her elder brother in the ways of the House and it?s business interests within the Southern Dominance. with few friends her own age and of her station, Davinna turned to Luthadel, within sight of her family?s manor but always so far away.

At a young age she was discovered to have an exceptional mind, capable of memorizing books and images down to the finest detail with only a moments glance. This did little to gain the attention of her father, however, busy as he was with her brother and affairs of the House. Instead, Davinna turned to books, absorbing the history of the Final Empire and the glories of the Lord Ruler. Book after book was devoured, until there were none left within the manor she had not read cover to cover. Nothing fascinated her more than history, however - especially the way it got her thinking about what COULD have been. The idea of a world without the Lord Ruler was one too horrifying to consider, and bordering on the blasphemous, but it fascinated her regardless.

As she grew into a young woman, Everett made a decision to send Davinna to Luthadel, to live in Keep Casuana with her uncle and cousins. The decision was made in order to get her established with the rest of the nobility and to seek out future matchmaking to form or cement alliances with other Houses.

Davinna didn?t care for the reasons - she was going to Luthadel!

Along with her was a note from her father that she was to give to her uncle upon her arrival. Along the slow journey, Davinna?s curiosity got the better of her and she read it. She was surprised to find that her father was requesting that Uncle Lucius be the one to administer the customary beating to test for Allomantic power. Davinna lost a measure of respect for her father that day - not because he wanted her beaten, but because he apparently did not care enough to do it himself.

She tore the note shreds threw them in the canal. When she arrived in Luthadel, she told her uncle the beating had been done, and the result had shown she held no Allomantic power.

The next several years were a blur, containing exquisite gowns and fancy balls. Most exciting for Davinna, however, was that as a noble, she had limited access to the Archives. Limited access, of course, meant she could not read everything she wanted - but what she was allowed was several times larger than her father's paltry collection. Finally, her craving for history and literature could be sated again.

As she grew, Davinna developed into a striking young woman, gaining the attention of young noblemen at the balls. She relished in the attention, and while she took the occasional lover, none had the intelligence and learning she so desperately craved in a companion. Many complained she spent more time with her books than she did with them - a complaint which held some validity. The only times she was not seen with a book in her hands was while attending a ball. That would have been downright silly.

On her seventeenth birthday, House Sureau held a massive ball. While not in her honour, of course, Davinna attended and pretended that it was an extravagant birthday party for herself. Anyone who was anyone among the nobility of Luthadel attended, and the hosting House did not disappoint. The finest wines were provided, the best in entertainment, the most beautiful gowns and decorations. Even the food was dusted with powdered gold. Davinna didn?t know what it did for the taste, but it certainly made her feel special while eating it.

Then the Lord Ruler made a surprise appearance.

Despite many years in the city, Davinna had never been granted the opportunity to see her God in person. Too often she?d come out of the Archives to find the Sliver of Infinity had made a public appearance that she had missed, or she?d find herself too far away to get a close look at the founder of the Final Empire. Her first sight of the divine struck deep into her core. He was powerful, graceful, magnificent.

He was living history.

Staring upon him made her feel simultaneously unworthy and rapturous. He glowed with such absolute perfection it hurt her eyes to stare, but she could not look away. The emotion was so great, Davinna Snapped without even knowing it.

It would be another three months before she found out.

Her experience at that ball struck a chord deep inside her, and Davinna now knew what she wanted. It wasn?t social events of boys or any of the pointless distractions that filled the lives of the Final Empire?s noble class. What she wanted, what she now realized she?d been preparing for her entire life, was to serve the Lord Ruler and the Final Empire.

She applied to the Ministry soon after.

Upon being tested for Allomantic ability, she was surprised to learn she was an Auger. Being a gold misting wasn?t especially useful, but she found it fascinating to look into her own past and see what she could have been.

Davinna not only attained a perfect score the obligator examination, she corrected it in three places. She was immediately assigned to the Canton of Doctrine - granting her access to the full contents of the Archives, an experience that was second only to her first sighting of the Lord Ruler.

She rose quickly within the ranks of Doctrine, faster than many suspected possible - and faster than many would have liked. Davinna paid no mind to this, until one day...

Roleplay Sample

She would have been a wonderful musician.

Sitting at her desk on the second floor of the Canton of Doctrine, Davinna Casuana stared at the stark white wall across from her, her green eyes glazed over. If any had been there with her, they would have assumed she was daydreaming, lost in flights of fancy.

Very unbecoming of an obligator. Shirking ones duties was frowned upon, and considered a disservice to the Lord Ruler.

Her fingers rapped against the ledger on the desk before her, in time with the notes she heard herself playing. A small smile crossed over her lips as she pulled the bow from the strings, and the crowd of nobles and obligators rising to their feet as soon as the resonance faded, abandoning decorum and losing themselves in the ecstasy of her performance. Davinna watched as she accepted their accolades with humility, offering her first bow to the lone balcony that hung above all.

Inside her, the gold burned slowly.

The Lord Ruler did not stand. He didn't need to. Davinna knew, however, that he had been pleased, and that was all the assurance she needed. She'd been playing for him and him alone.

The image before her began to waver, forcing Davinna back into reality. Gritting her teeth, a drop of sweat running down her hairless pate, she forced it back, burning the last fraction of gold to keep the vision going. The effort was in vain, as it always was, and within moments the cheers began to fade to a dull murmur before vanishing like ash on the wind. The vision itself followed soon after, the colour fading and the edges of her sight blurring until nothing remained.

Nothing but the memories.

The world returned to her office, the sight across from her the bone-white walls. Before her lay the ledger she should have been working on. Account balances for the young nobles sent to learn the wisdom of the Lord Ruler, obtaining knowledge and training to make them effective leaders within the Final Empire. She knew the balances perfectly, and could have rattled the numbers off in her sleep - but then there would have been no records for the Canton of Finance. Lack of proper records could not be tolerated within any Canton of the steel Ministry - and she'd be damned if she let those mist-brained fools take any advantage over Doctrine.

Davinna's fingers twitched towards the top drawer on her desk, grasping the handle before she forced herself to stop. She needed to finish this. The gold could wait. It would have to wait. She had no sessions for the next two hours, and if she concluded the dreary business of record-keeping, she could allow herself to indulge.

Just once more? She asked herself, a note of pleading in her subconscious voice. "No!" She hissed through clenched teeth. Snatching a pen from the desk, she dipped it into the inkwell at her side and began to scribble furiously, her handwriting elegant and precise despite the speed at which she worked.

Inside her, a small voice cried out for gold. She had stopped trying to ignore the voice years ago. The wonder of what she could have been enraptured her, despite her satisfaction with where her life had taken her. The gold showed her what could have been, and often reinforced to her that she had made the correct choices.

Despite what she had seen, nothing compared to being in direct service to the divine. The Lord Ruler loved all of his obligators. Unfortunately, that included those skaa-rutting fools from Finance, but the Lord Ruler, perfect as he was, clearly had the capacity to love those so flawed. Davinna could only aspire to be like him, and even as she tried, knew she was completely unworthy.

Slapping the ledger closed, she set the pen down and sighed in satisfaction. There was no need to check over her work; she knew it was perfect. Smile smiled to herself, dimples forming on her cheeks and distorting the intricate tattoos that ran from the edges of her eyes and down to her jawline. The intricate scrollwork marked her high in the Canton of Doctrine, as did the placement of her office on the second floor, not far from the Imperial Archives. It was a testament to her abilities, some said, that she had made it so far within the Ministry in only a few years.

The credit, Davinna insisted, was due entirely to the Lord Ruler?s benevolence.

Her eyes drifted to the drawer again, her hand already grasping the handle to pull it open. She licked her lips, already tasting the vial of gold concealed within.

She began to pull it open, then slammed it shut as a sudden rapping sounded at her door. ?Enter,? she answered, a grimace flashing across her face, vanishing just as quickly.

The door swung open, revealing High Prelan Kenth. ?Obligator,? he greeted softly, his soft voice a sharp contrast to the tall, imposing figure he presented. She often wondered if the man was secretly a Terrisman Keeper, gelded as a youth. His black robes swished against the floor as he strode into the room.

Davinna rose from her seat, lowering her head slightly in greeting and deference. ?High Prelan,? she answered, her own voice barely a shade softer than his own. ?The grace of the Lord Ruler favour you this day. To what do I owe this visit??

She lifted her head, meeting his pale blue eyes. They were cold. They always were when he was in her presence. Davinna knew her superior held little liking for her; she supposed he saw her as a threat to his position. She knew from the Archives that in a mere five years, she?d managed to obtain a station within the Canton that had taken him three times as long to achieve. The fact that he was High Prelan now meant little - he saw her as a threat to his power, and remained steadfast in his private belief that Davinna was aiming to take his place.

And if the Lord Ruler desired it, she would. Without hesitation.

Those cold blue orbs, she suddenly noticed, held a trace amount of mirth within them. her skin prickled in agitation, and she began to wonder why he had come to her himself, rather than send an under-obligator.

?In the Lord Ruler?s name you have been summoned, Obligator Davinna,? he said, his stance and tone formal. The same formality one used to proclaim a death sentence. ?On the orders of the High Inquisitor, you are to report to the Inquisition immediately.?


?I don?t understand,? Davinna?s eyes twitched beneath the black cloth that covered them. Her voice echoed against the walls, giving her some degree of knowledge as to her present location. The cuffs at her wrists and ankles dug into her flesh, and she wiggled her fingers to get blood flowing back into them. She shivered, the cold metal of the table pressing into her naked flesh. ?Why me??

?You fit the profile,? The voice that responded was like nails being pounded into steel. Her head shifted in the direction of the voice. ?Everything matches the requirements. We are not mistaken.?

?But I?m an Obligator...?

?You would be surprised how many we have found within the Ministry itself.? The voice answered with a chuckle.

Davinna chewed on her lip, her heartbeat racing. ?I have served the Lord Ruler faithfully. I forswore my House and gave myself to His service the moment I was of age.?

She felt a cold hand upon her cheek, and further away the sounds of a struggle began to reach her ears. ?And you shall continue to do so,? The voice replied softly. ?In a far greater capacity. Your talents were wasted in Doctrine, dispensing information into the thick and pompous heads of the nobility that could not truly appreciate it. You belong with Inquisition.?

Davinna?s lips curled into a small smile, and a shiver of anticipation ran through her body. A voice inside her cried again for gold, but she squashed it down; this was far more important and rewarding than burning the yellow metal could ever be. ?Do I really need to be held down for this??

?It is a very painful process,? Shokhan said, and Davinna could hear the smile in his voice now. ?We have lost more than a few who moved at the wrong moment. The placement must be precise.?

The heavy steel door flung open, crashing against the wall. Heavy footsteps followed it, quickly growing closer. Davinna tried to peek under the blindfold, but saw nothing. The was a whimpering sound, and she could almost taste the fear that filled the room.

?The first volunteer,? a cold female voice said. Despite the chill in her tones, her voice was light and musical.

?Pity he seems to afraid to scream,? Shokhan said. ?I do so enjoy the screaming.?

?I crushed his vocal chords on the way,? the woman said. ?His pleading was becoming tiresome. Are you sure about this one? She is but an Auger.?

?Her Allomancy is not why she was chosen,? Shokhan said. ?She has other skills, incredible skills, that will provide extraordinary benefit to Inquisition.?

Shokhan laughed, and Davinna heard him move towards the table that had been set up next to the one she was strapped to. A moment passed, and she could feel his presence looming over her. Another moment, and the struggling body of a man was placed atop her.

?Is he skaa?? She asked suddenly.

?A half-breed,? Shokhan?s sneer was audible.

?Good,? Davinna smiled, her words laced with an excited giggle. ?Remove the blindfold, please. I would like to watch him die.?

#2 Chaos

High House Noble

Posted 14 August 2010 - 06:09 AM

She's awesome. I quite want her to get to the Casuana Ball for some very fun dialogue ;)


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