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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Talrax Vastinand

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#1 Talrax Vastinand


Posted 20 January 2011 - 11:36 AM

Player Information
Name: Talrax
Contact Information: [email protected]

Character Information
Name: Talrax Vastinand
Type: Noble
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Vetitan
Occupation: Head of House
Relationship Status: Single

PowersType: Misting
Metal: Tin
Skill: Advanced
Status: Known

At about 6 feet 5 inches in height Talrax towers over the rest of his peers. His is an almost exact approximation of his dead father. He has brown hair, cold, blue-gray eyes, and fair skin. Due to both genetics and practice, he has the build of a warrior, with wide shoulders, large arms, and a square jaw. His face is made up of hard lines, sharp angles, and his eyes are permanently set in a hard, thoroughly examining look. He rarely smiles and when he does it leaves rapidly. Talrax tends to stray from the fashionable look and sticks with closely cut military uniforms that range from black to gray.

Special Skills
All areas of combat, observation, politics. Talrax Snapped at three years of age when he fell off of a second story balcony and plummeted to the ground. Ever since that day he has been burning tin and has become so proficient at it that he can even tell when someone is lying to him by the sound of their heartbeat.* He is not a savant but he does have quite extraordinary skill with tin. He is also a master in several forms of combat, ranging from swordsmanship to archery to bare-hand combat. He has also been trained as a hazekiller, so he is able to hold his own against an Allomancer of any type (other than a Mistborn).

*I have asked multiple times that this trait be removed as it is not an approved ability for non-savant characters. I appreciate your efforts to change it, but it appears this mention of it was missed, so I crossed it out. -Camille

Talrax is a master at negotiations and seems to have the uncanny ability to make any deal work. His closest friends (of which there are few) like to say he could sell metal to the Lord Ruler himself. This strength has allowed him to keep his house alive at a time when they should, for all other reasons, be failing. Talrax also is very intelligent and very diligent. Once a task is set before him nothing can stand in his way to getting it finished, exactly the way he wants it to get done.

He is also a very adept at reading lies. His tin helps him sense lies by the way someone's body moves or even slightly twicthes as they lie. He can also notice very slight eye movements, like small dilations, and if the person is particularly skilled at controlling their body moevments, he can smell slight perspiration increases, which are more difficult to control.

Talrax is colder than ice. He has very few friends and those he does have find him to be intimidating and even somewhat cruel. Talrax is untrusting of every man and woman he meets and finds it nearly impossible to ever entirely trust anyone with anything. That is the reason he is still single. No woman can ever get close enough to him for him to even consider courting her. He is standoffish, aloof, and for all intents and purposes, a loner. But he prefers it that way. However, he finds that it makes it difficult for him to improve his house?s economy by being that way. He also struggles with many personal issues that no one knows of but him and a select few.

All one has to do to understand Talrax?s emotions, is to look at his face. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. If he?s angry, you know it. If he?s happy (which he rarely is), you know it. If he?s upset, you know it. However, emotions and personality are not the same thing, although they do coalesce. Talrax?s true personality is quite different from what he seems. He is quite caring and loving of those around him, including his family and friends? and even the Skaa to some small extent. He enjoys sitting outside and reading during the ashfalls and at night he loves to roam the mists. But he is pained. His life has been filled with pain ever since he was little. He wears a fa?ade in order to hide the despair he feels, despair that he cannot shake and no one can comprehend.

Talrax?s story begins with the marriage of Gerhard Vastinand to Tarah Erikell. They were married young and for no other reason than love. Together they had a total of four children, three sons (Honren, Mivral, and Talrax) and a daughter (Marah). Honren was the eldest, then it was Mivral, then Talrax, and the youngest was Marah. All four children were handsome, intelligent, and well-behaved noble children, and very surprisingly they all ended up being Allomancers. Honren was a Pewterarm, Mivral a Seeker, Talrax a Tineye, and Marah was the family?s only full-fledged Mistborn. It seemed a miracle that all four children had ended up as Allomancers, however this miracle would soon become a curse for it would doom the whole family to destruction.

Talrax was three when he Snapped. He had been playing with Honren (who was twelve at the time) and Mivral (who was seven) when he fell off of the balcony?s railing, which he had been sitting on, and he fell toward the rock pathway in the garden beneath him. He hit the ground hard, breaking both of his legs and several of his ribs on impact. Later, when he was being seen by the family?s physician he was given a vial of metals to drink just in case the impact had Snapped him, and they found that he was capable of burning tin. Oddly enough the tin saved his life, because it kept him lucid when he should have been unconscious and in a coma which he might not have risen from.

When Talrax turned five, Marah was born. It was supposed to be one of the happiest days for the Vastinand Family for they finally had a daughter to marry off for political purposes, however the day turned into a tragedy. The childbirth went horribly, horribly wrong. Talrax remembers well the things that occurred that day.

They were standing in the hallway outside one of the bedrooms room in the Vastinand mansion. Gerhard was pacing back and forth, waiting to hear the news about the child. The regularly calm and collected man was anxious and scrambled. The door to the bedroom opened and the apprentice midwife walked out.

?Lord Vastinand?I have some?uh? terrible news?your wife is having severe complications with the?uh?birth? the assistant midwife said, the words stumbling out of her mouth. ?We don?t?we don?t know if she?ll live My Lord.?

Gerhard stood stunned, pain clearly evident on his face, as what she was saying sank in. His face contorted from pain to extreme anger in seconds.

?Well let me tell you something, you Skaa scum, if she doesn?t live you will find yourself hanging by your neck for so long, the birds won?t have anything left to feast on! Understand?!? Gerhard yelled at the assistant, her eyes growing wide with fear.

?But?My Lord?? she didn?t have time to finish her sentence for Gerhard had backhanded her across the face. She fell to the ground crying.

?Get in there and save her life, you imbecile!? She ran back into the room at slammed the door. Gerhard stood for a moment, tears forming in his eyes, and then he slumped to the ground in despair. Honren, Mivral, and Talrax all ran to him as he sat on the ground crying, shaking in despair.

?Daddy,? Mivral said, ?what?s happening??

?Nothing son?? he was able to choke out, ?nothing?s going to happen??

?Clearly, Dad, clearly nothing?s going to happen!? Honren yelled. ?They just said that as a joke right?!? Honren was fuming, his fourteen year old body shaking with anger. ?They just said Mom?s going to die, but of course, what do the doctors know right?! Something is going to happen, DAD! Mom is going to die!? Honren punched the wall near him and wood splinters flew into the air as pewter fueled his body.

Gerhard jumped up in anger and rounded on Honren, ?Now you listen to me, little boy, when I say nothing is going to happen, that means that nothing is going to happen! Do you understand?! I am your father and you will listen to me, and believe as I say!?

?Well if you weren?t such an idiot, Dad, maybe we wouldn?t be stuck here in Vetitan, with these mediocre noblewomen that pass for phyisicians. Maybe we would be in Luthadel, where someone could actually do something for Mom and make her better. Maybe if?? He was cut off as the door to the room opened. The midwife walked out, covered in blood, and her assistant hid behind her. They both had looks of despair mixed with terror.

?I am sorry. Your wife, My Lord, did not survive the birth. She passed from loss of blood, however?? Gerhard hit her across the face so hard she fell the the ground. If she had been a Skaa he would have killed her then and there. Upon seeing this, her assistant (who just happened to be a Skaa) bolted, but not fast enough to escape the sword that Gerhard Pushed at her. She fell, the sword sticking between her shoulder blades. Gerhard looked at each of his sons? horrified faces and walked into the bedroom.

The scene was horrific; blood covered the sheets and was dripping onto the floor. Tarah was lying in the bed, pain still etched on her too white face. Gerhard walked over to her body, ignoring the blood, and sat next to her, putting his hand on her face. He bowed his head and cried into her bosom, letting all of his pain and anguish out. Talrax had never seen such throws of pain and passion from his father. He had just assumed that his father had had no emotions. Clearly now, that assumption had been wrong.

The midwife ran in, face red where Gerhard had slapped her, "The baby, My Lord! Where is she?"

Gerhard looked up incredulously, "How should I know, woman?!"

"I gave her to my assistant...she's right here." The baby was in a bundle of blankets on the ground near the bed.

The midwife examined her, "My Lord, she is having complications!We need to deal with it now!"

Gerhard hopped up, blood on his hands,"Well then what are you wating for? Do it, woman! Do whatever it takes!" The midwife unbound the blankets and pulled the baby out. She was barely breathing and began to turn blue. The midwife prodded and examined the baby in only a way a physician could. Minutes passed.

"I...I don't know what to do, My Lord. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong other than her breathing...I can't figure out how to help her..."

Gerhard stood in despair for a second looking at his sons. Then a thought occurred to him, ?Honren! Run and get me a vial of metals! Now!? Honren sprang up and ran supernaturally quick out of the room and was back within ten seconds.

?Here Dad!? He handed the vial to Gerhard, who uncorked it and forced the alcohol solution down the baby?s throat. Nothing happened. The midwife gave Gerhard the baby, tears streaming down her face. Nothing happened. The baby girl began to turn a deeper shade of blue. Nothing happened. Gerhard slumped against the wall in despair, holding the bundle close to his chest. Nothing happened. All three sons looked down tears falling from their eyes. And then Gerhard yelled out.

?Look! She?s breathing!? And indeed she was. The color began to flood into the baby?s face, her breathing evened out, and she opened her eyes. Gerhard knew then that a Mistborn had been born to him?only at the cost of his wife and one true love.

Seven years passed with no major occurrences. Talrax was now twelve and was so adept at using tin that he could block out all other senses except the ones he needed and he could even block out all distractions from what he need to be focusing on. However he never had anyone with which to spend his time. Honren was always busy with his friends or his lover, Mivral was off training to become an Obligator, and Marah was too busy learning to be a Mistborn from her mentor. Therefore, Talrax spent most of his time alone: reading, studying and doing pretty much nothing other than playing with the family?s dog. Talrax found that he hated being alone all the time, so he often tried to spend time with his father, however something had changed in his father five years before, and now the only thing Gerhard did was work on deals and make sure their mining business was still thriving. It seemed as if the things Honren had said to him all those years ago had made Gerhard want to get them into Luthadel so badly that he would do nothing else but work. But Talrax wasn?t interested in that kind of thing. He was interested in math, bugs, and the Skaa. He had never really understood them. They looked so much like him but they were forced to be his servants. How would anyone even know if they were Skaa or Noblemen? Why hadn?t the Skaa just made themselves noble? These questions consumed Talrax every day. He hoped he would someday find the answer.

During that year another tragedy in the family occurred, Honren was killed in an attack made by another house who was the Vastinand?s main competitor. They had attacked the house at night, hoping to get to Gerhard while he was asleep, so that they could topple the Vastinand house and end all competition. However, thanks to Talrax?s skill with tin, he heard them coming in the night and sprang out of bed to wake up his dad and brothers. He found Honren first and told him of the oncoming attack. Honren sprang into action, alerted the house?s hazekillers, and rushed off to fight the attackers. Talrax then woke up Mivral and Gerhard and rushed to wear he knew the attackers to be. By the time they got to the fight however, it had already ended. Five of the house?s fifteen hazekillers were dead and eight were wounded. The attackers were all dead or gone and among those dead they found Honren. Although he had been wielding a wooden shield, he had been shot through both the neck and the forehead with coins, wounds that not even pewter could heal.

The family was again sent into despair; their firstborn, the heir to the house, had been killed. Gerhard lost all will to continue fighting his way into Luthadel and was bedridden. Within a few years the house was all but collapsing, and nothing was being done to save it. By this time Talrax was fifteen and Marah was ten. Both were highly skilled Allomancers for their age but that would not keep their house from falling. Therefore, Talrax took control and started to try to bring his house back their former glory. However, he had not even been attending balls yet so he did not understand the politics behind all of the house dealings and therefore he found it difficult to keep the house from collapse. Somehow, though, he just managed to do it.
He started attending balls, and he seemed to have a natural affinity for political affairs so by the time he was eighteen he had already brought the house back to where it was before Honren had died. Life was difficult for him though. He had no one to talk to. No friends to confide in. When it came down to close, personal relationships, he found them hard to manage and therefore tried to avoid them at all costs. He found himself time and time again alone in his father?s study, working out the next day?s meeting, or balancing the family?s accounts, or managing the workers his family employed to mine for them.

He never had time to actually chat with people nor have any real friends, so even when he did have some small semblance of free time he spent it training in the combat arts. He learned to fight with the sword, the cane, and any other impromptu weapon he could find. He found that he excelled in archery due to his skill as a Tineye and so he practiced that also. He trained in bare-hand combat just in case and on top of it all, he had one of the house?s hazekillers train him to fight Allomancers. With all of this combat training, he soon found himself with a warrior?s body, and this, included with his father?s good looks, made it somewhat difficult for him to do business at balls, for he would be followed incessantly by large groups of giggling girls. He never paid them much attention though. Women were a distraction from what he needed to be doing. Saving his house.

Four years passed and his father got sick and died, leaving the house with no head. Therefore, at the young age of twenty-two, Talrax assumed control of the house, although he basically already had, and named himself the house?s head. That following year, Marah went missing at the age of eighteen. She had left a note on her bed one morning notifying Talrax that she was leaving and would not be returning. Where she was going, however, she did not say. That left him and Mivral as the only two living Vastinands, however as he had not heard from Mivral in four years, he just said that he was the only Vastinand left. Five more years passed and nothing else of import occurred.

Talrax is now twenty-seven.

Roleplay Sample

Talrax looked into his fellow nobleman?s eyes and could see his lie. He could smell the way his body produced slightly more perspiration as he lied.

?Really, Lord Coverian? Your family can?t make the payment on the metals this month because your wife is sick and your business is failing? Is your Mistborn also deaf, dumb, and cripple, your father?s ghost haunting your house, and the Lord Ruler dying??

?I am not lying to you Lord Vastinand. My weapons business is truly failing. The Hastings are buying us out in all of our areas.? Talrax did not need tin to know this lie.

?Lord Coverian, do you think me a fool? I know what is happening with your family. You are at war with another house, Lord Coverian. I have been watching your house's movements. You have been fighting back and forth for months now and you are not winning. Don't give me these lies. I find it insulting." Lord Coverian sat stunned, fat mouth moving, but no words coming out.

?Please, we have had an?issue as of late, Lord Vastinand. Our enemies have attacked us for no reason." A lie, but one he would wait to piont out, "and we are running out of both Allomancers and Hazekillers?please understand?we have had to spend all of our money on paying new ones to take their place and it has left us nearly bankrupt.? This was the truth.

?Well I am sorry, Lord Coverian, unless you find a way to pay me for my shipment, you will find yourself without imported metals and with an Obligator to answer to. A house war is no excuse for you not paying me the money you owe me. Now I do not care what you have to do to get me my money. Just do it.? Talrax stood and walked out of the room, knowing Coverian would try to talk to him again, leaving the downtrodden lord to sit dumbfounded.

Is that what I have become? Merciless, uncaring, something that all of my peers fear? But what other choice do I have? If I allow every sad story to influence my decisions regarding business then I will soon find myself with a sad story of my own. I am just doing what is best for my House?or what is left of it anyway. Talrax walked down the stairs from the third floor and went into his library. He picked up the third volume of The Final Empire: A History and continued reading where he had left off last night.

Noblemen and Skaa, while both living humanoids, are fundamentally different. Noblemen were crafted by the Lord Ruler to be superior to the Skaa in every way. They are taller, built for combat, more intelligent, and more capable at thinking and comprehending than Skaa are. They are also the direct source of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler crafted into their very blood. Skaa were built to serve, they have a high tolerance for heat and little need for food. They are less intelligent, having only a third of a Noblemen?s mental capacity, and cannot comprehend anything other than simple commands and guidelines. Skaa however do seem to have a capacity for containing Allomancy, however only if given the power to them from Noblemen who are uncaring AND WILLING TO DIE. Skaa are the pack mules?

Talrax stopped reading. This still did not answer his question as to why the Skaa didn?t just rise up. From what he had seen of them the differences really weren?t all this vast, although he had never talked to many Skaa, they seemed to him to be fairly intelligent. They did not look much different than him (the clean ones anyway) and they talked similarly. So what made them so different?

?Lord Vastinand. I?m sorry to bother you, however, Lord Coverian wishes to speak with you before he leaves??

?Just as I thought he would, Kuowem?? Kuowem was his Terrisman that he had purchased a few years back.

?Very astute, master. He is waiting for you by the front door.?

?Thank you Kuowem."

"Do you wish for any assistance, master?"

"No thank you Kuowem, just relax for a while and I will go talk to him.?


?Yes relax. Your people can relax, can?t they??

?Yes we can?but it is not often that we are told that.?

?Well I am telling it to you now. Go do as you wish for a while.?

?Thank you, master.? Kuowem bowed and walked out of the room
Talrax walked to the large, wooden front doors. ?Unless you happen to have had some sort of windfall, Lord Coverian, I have nothing left to say to you.?

?I was wondering if this will cover my payment?? Lord Coverian pulled out a small bag filled with something. Beads.

?Atium, Coverian? Where did you get so much atium?? Talrax, who knew this was the lie from earlier, looked intently into Coverian?s eyes and saw something?some sort of stress?

?I knew I would need them just in case my ruse failed?so I brought them along with me.? His pupils dilated slightly as he lied.

?Where did you get these beads Coverian??

?What does that matter to you?! Take the beads and let me go of my debt!?

?Did you steal them?? Talrax spoke harshly, watching and feeling for a slight difference in the man's body.

?No?? His body quivered just slightly. Another lie.

?I will not take them Coverian. I do NOT need Inquisitors down my throat because you decided to steal some atium. Now get out of my house before I notify them of your sudden ?windfall?.? Lord Coverian walked away in a huff, got in his carriage, and slammed his door closed. He rode off down the street.

Talrax walked around the side of the house where an Obligator sat waiting just in case Talrax should need him. Talrax always called Obligators to wait during his business meetings, just in case. This one was a semi-important Obligator, he did have very intricate tattoos but they did not extend all the way back across his head.

I chose a Canton of Orthodoxy Obligator for a reason. I knew something was wrong.

?Did all go well Lord Vastinand??

?No. Lord Coverian tried to pay for his shipment in stolen atium. I trust this is useful information??

?Yes it is. Thank you, Lord Vastinand.? The obligator reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a bag. One with beads. ?This is a thank you from the Lord Ruler for your honesty. Use it wisely.? And with that he left.

Sorry Lord Coverian, though I think you?ll wish that you had died in one of those well-deserved attacks by the time they are done with you?

Edited by Camille, 02 February 2011 - 03:44 AM.

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Talrax Vastinand, Lirian Vastinand</div>

#2 Talrax Vastinand


Posted 21 January 2011 - 08:10 PM

EDIT: I changed a few gramattical errors, I changed Tarah's midwife to a lesser noblewomen and the apprentice to an assistant midwife (who is still Skaa), and I changed the line, I chose a Steel Ministry Obligator for a reason, to, I chose a Canton of Orthodoxy Obligator for a reason, because at the time I wrote this, I had forgotten that the Steel Ministry was the religion. I also added some more to Marah's birth scene and changed the Talrax/ Lord Coverian exchange. Also I removed the link to House Tekiel, not realizing the need to converse with other players about it first. (The Vastinand's wouldn't really use the family tie anyway.)
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Talrax Vastinand, Lirian Vastinand</div>

#3 Talrax Vastinand


Posted 23 January 2011 - 07:56 PM

I took away his ability to hear heartbeats, as that is a skill a savant would have, and I left him with the ability to see the difference in people's body make up when they is lying, like dilated eyes or slight twitches, and smell the difference as their perspiratation increases.

Also, I changed this line "Both were highly skilled Allomancers but that would not keep their house from falling." to this " Both were highly skilled Allomancers for their age but that would not keep their house from falling."

Edited by Talrax, 25 January 2011 - 04:17 AM.

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Talrax Vastinand, Lirian Vastinand</div>

#4 KChan

Atium Chandelier

Posted 02 February 2011 - 03:41 AM

First of all, let me begin by apologizing for the delay. School is hitting us hard right now, and it's hard to find time for everything that needs to be done, both here and with our actual assignments. That said, I would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for us and tell you that you have been Accepted.

I have, however, crossed out the line about Talrax detecting heartbeats with tin; as he is not a savant, I have asked you to remove it on multiple occasions. Talrax is still approved, but this is not an accepted ability within the parameters of the magic system.

I am also changing your username to Talrax Vastinand to fit with our community's username policy.

Welcome to the RP!

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