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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Joreau Danta Astrlion - Played By Baron

  • Lord

  • Relationship Status: Widowed
  • Origin: Remote Dominance
  • Allomantic Status: Known
Character Overview

Lord Joreau Danta Astrlion

Misting Noble




Contact: PM



Name:Lord Joreau Danta Astrlion

Type: Noble


Gender: Male

Place of Origin: Remote Dominance[

Occupation: Noble, Specialized in Trade Management

Relationship Status: Widowed, Single



Type of Powers: Misting

Metals Used: Tineye

Degree of Skill: Advanced




Posted Image


A towering thing of a man that stands an air short of seven foot tall, and a body that stretched a foot and a half wide. This was Lord Joreau Danta Astrlion of the Remote Dominance and he demands your attention. From his stripped over hair that stays frozen in place, to his stance and stature that moves with an odd grace. Most understand that when he taps his cane attention is drawn. He has been mistaken as a Pewterarm by some, a Mistborn who always burnt Atium by others. But these are quickly scouted as nothing more than mere rumors. The way he moves, flow and slide. It’s different. Pronounced. It stands on the creeping edge of unnaturally balanced, to clumsy buffoon. It is than realized when they gazed into his steely eye’s they are just that. Warped and coloured Steel. They are wispy beads that move without purpose, rarely finding reason to move.


He is a Blinded man, not stripped of it but wholly denied it. And it shows, he holds himself with an aloof air, partially disinterested until people draw his attention to them, in which case, the intensity of the Remote Dominance come to play, often believed to hold little in the way of Politics, he has always been a firm believer in letting people believe what they want. Even if it is untrue.


Posted Image


Morality. In the Remote Dominance it is not a word used often. It is like Ash and Mist. Everyone knows it, but no one see’s reason to bring it up. If one asked, it was a simple response from Lord Joreau, “I treat Noble’s like tool’s. And I discard broken and useless Tool’s.” He would speak, even in his sightless state he hold’s true, he makes sure he is useful, else he tossed away like a broken tool.


As for his Prejudice’s, they stretch out like any good Noble. The Skaa are…. Well. They are the Serving Class. He is considered as good as a Master can be, He will kill Skaa when they grow weak or old, but he would not torture or make a public display of it. He does not bed Skaa women, there are always Noble Women to find of lesser House’s, that and his deceased wife would never have approved of those affairs with their lesser kind’s.



Special Skills: Observation and Managerial Skills. Both developed as separate skill’s but slowly slipped and fused to become one. His Observation skills come from his being a Tineye, four of his five senses’ are at super-human level, trained through years of intensity, and his Managerial Skills were developed as his tool. He was meant to be manager trade, weapon deployment, cargo moving and everything else to manage and assist with trade, something he succeeded at doing with flying colors.



Managerial Skills: His ability to maneuver and organize is his most paramount skill, while he may not be able to see, through translator’s he can be relayed information, and if worse case scenario there is none, with his Tineye at its highest and ignoring anything he can feel the Ink on paper to try and get a rudimentary understanding.


Physical Might: If his physical stature is anything to read, he is an impressive specimen some may miss-label as Koloss-Blooded, and while his blindness might be a burden, he has had the year’s to overcome that issue through grappling his opponent.


Observation: And finally, the skill all Tineye have. His Observational skills is, while one might assume less than stellar due to his lack of eyesight, the rest of his body compensated. As did when he Burn’s the metal. His tongue taste’s poison, his nose can smell the faintest of perfume’s, his hearing the crackle and crase of paper and his sense of touch feel’s every movement and tug through his long massive coat.



Blind: It’s glaring, Sight was the greatest and most used sense of any Skaa, Terris Steward or Noble ever had. And he’s no fool to understand that.


Blind Skaa Eye: He tends to underestimate Skaa, even the seldom seen Misting Skaa’s. He tend’s to give them far too much freedom, believing in the Old way’s of Skaa, being short, hardy and dumb.


The Year was 876, Born to Lord Erikul Terule Astrilion, and Lady Vaness Lardu Vantrise, in a bastard Union, he is the offspring of a Remote Dominance Lesser Lord and a Southern Dominance filly. Truly, it was real love. But of course, in such a union, something had to go wrong. The lust in their eye’s had removed it from their son, or at least, that is how some of the Poet’s put it. Joreau? Well, he didn’t buy it. 


Outside of his lost site, his life was fairly… Mediocre? He was trained from a young age to learn managerial skill’s, trained in the way of finance, commerce and the likes. Essentially, he was trained to live in the background, a lord of little repute, never given the chance to become great. And he was fine with that.


As he grew older, he was sent to the court’s and ball’s, though the Remote Dominance didn’t have them too often, they were seen as a luxury given only in times of prosperity. Something not often found with Koloss rampaging their way through the land with unbridled fury. But that didn’t stop him or the dallying.


It was during those years that he was put through it. The Snap. He was a late bloomer as they called it, since his father Erikul didn’t particularly want to risk his son in the traditional Remote Dominance way, Survival they called it. Their children were sent out into the wilderness and not allowed to return for three days. A lot died. None were allowed to even enter the Ball’s until they had survived. It wasn’t a guaranteed success for a Snap of course. But after a few generation’s and away from Lord Ruler’s prying eye, the Generation’s ceased the traditional snap.


But, Lord Joreau? He still got it. He was around sixteen when it came. He was sent off to assist in the organization of a Cargo Train with a large Retinue of Guard’s. The Resource was Atium and he was under Lord Malrue Ladkiel’s tutelage in the organization when a mass of seething rage and blue came down with rampaging destruction. He was sized up he told with a five foot Koloss’, so surprisingly he was taller than it even at that age and still almost as big. He grappled the best, fighting it with blind strike’s, but not before being ripped up and into a war with several more Koloss’. That’s when he snapped some tiny spark flared in his stomach as the sound of Koloss’ flesh was torn and the Coinshot managed to reinforce him. He didn’t recall much after that though, only told that the Atium store had been robbed and he soon fell into unconsciousness.


But that was neither here nor there, in the years that followed he became attuned to that new Burning of Tin, his Father testing him after he heard of the event and shook to find his blind soon became a little more… Well adjusted. He got a multitude of Tineye’s to train his son, mainly lesser house Tineye’s but over the year’s he was trained


Over time, he went to the ball’s, got married to one of the Serving Girl’s, an absolute bottom of the Barrel Noble Woman, but with his eye’s, his Bastard Status he wasn’t likely to pull off much better. Than she died, disease would you believe? The same Disease that took Skaa had now taken his love. He was stricken for a few years, and even now Lady Bell Wran Lasterful still holds a heavy place in his heart.


He left the Remote Dominance only recently, departing under the orders of his Father to assert his House in Luthadel and help organize for Greater House’s and establish new connections for his family.