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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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13 August 2018 - 02:09 AM

Axelle nodded at Eliza’s response regarding her experience, a small smile on her face all the while, which widened at the bit about how her new student had sneaked into the stables as a child to pet the draft horses. The natural attraction and appreciation for the animals was a good sign in Axelle’s book; she had a hard time understanding how some couldn’t find respect for the animals, even if they feared them.

“I will admit that sea travel isn’t something I know anything about, but I suspect the experience of being constantly in motion may give you an advantage.”

Eliza walked over calmly, gracefully. There was no outward telegraphing of nervousness, even if she did in fact feel it. She greeted the horse warmly, speaking to her in soft tones, even as she poked fun at herself. Axelle couldn’t help but smile wide at that. The Lady seemed quite at ease, like she was meant to be here.

She gestured behind her at one of the stablehands who came jogging up to them. She held her hand out and without a word he put a green apple in her grasp.

“Give Kylie an apple and she might just love you,” she said, extending it towards Eliza. “She won’t bite, but if you’ve any hesitation at all, I could put my hand over yours.”

The younger woman’s lips curved into an impish smirk, and she winked as she took the apple and fed Kylie without any hesitation. As the apple disappeared she gently patted the mare’s neck again and said, "I used to want to do this, when I was a child, but we could never manage to sneak anything.” She looked back at the horse before adding, “You do like that, don't you?"

Axelle nodded again, quite pleased that the Lady took so easily to interacting with Kylie. A horse could sense when a rider - or would-be rider - was uneasy. Eliza’s relaxed manner extended to the mare who was already a sweet, docile thing.

She gestured again to the stablehands. One carried over a portable set of steps in case the lady wanted to climb into the saddle that way. He set it beside the horse.

“Your choice. Trey could boost you into the saddle or you could take the steps.” All the sidesaddle types opted for the steps. But the woman before her definitely wasn’t that delicate. Trey bent and held his hands low, one stacked atop the other for the Lady to step into.

She picked what Axelle would’ve chosen. Eliza stepped a boot into the strong hands that awaited her, and she went up and into the saddle. Kylie remained calm, stable, she barely shifted at all.

“How do you feel? Comfortable?” she asked looking up at her student.

She tilted her head as it took longer for the woman to respond than she expected. She looked like she was thinking, evaluating.

"As much as I can be for my first time, I think. I feel like I'm not going to fall off right away, so there's that."

Axelle laughed. “It takes some getting used to. It also engages a lot of the muscles in your core, so depending on how long we’re at it, you might even get a little sore.”

She gave the mare a final pat on the neck and went around to climb into Midnight’s saddle. She leaned over and took hold of the longer reins Kylie had been outfitted with, and held them along with the straps connected to Midnight.

“We are going to take this very slow to start,” she said. “I’ll rely on you to tell me if you’re bored to tears and we need to take things up a notch, or to tell me if you feel like you’re going to fall.”

She brought a hand to the horn on her saddle.

“This is called a horn. For now, I’d like you to hold on to that, instead of clutching the ropes.” When it looked like Eliza had found her grip, she made a small clucking sound and gently pressed her foot to Midnight’s side. “For the moment, we just want to get you used to the feel of Kylie beneath you, get you feeling balanced and more comfortable in the saddle.”

And so they began. At a very calm, slow pace they made their way from just outside the stables onto the riding trails. Axelle made sure to keep them to the right side, out of the way of anyone who might want to pass. Eliza was positioned on the outside of the path, just to put more space between her and anyone who might ride up to them. The D’Orsay was constantly checking, even with the quickest glances, her enhanced senses could get a good read on the state of the horse and rider in her charge.

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11 July 2018 - 02:52 AM

“I need Kyle saddled and ready to go in five for an appointment,” she told one of the stable hands on duty. The blond skaa teenager nodded shyly, catching her eyes to ensure she caught the confirmation, before he moved to complete the task. “Walk her out with Midnight after the client has arrived.”

Another day, another riding lesson.

But this lesson was with a brand new client. Eliza Fathwell had been the name neatly inked into the earliest time slot in her appointment book when she’d opened it this morning. The name alone was enough to conjure to mind hypothetical images of island Axelle had never seen, and to bring the taste of a fine vintage to her tongue. The sound of wheels on gravel alerted her to someone’s arrival, so she paused gently brushing her fingers down Midnight’s neck, his short ebony fur velvet to the touch. She’d already saddled her favorite horse.

“See you in a few,” she said with a gentle pat, before striding out the open double-doors of the stable.

Axelle had a small collection of riding habits like other women collected dresses. Today’s set was mostly black, with burgundy edging over the collar of the jacket, which matched the pair of burgundy lines that ran the side hems of her pants, partially hidden by her knee-high boots. Her hair was twisted up into a neat bun at the back of her head for a professional look, the severity of the style cut by the amused smile she wore, and the energy in her eyes despite the early hour.

Her client had also dressed the part, thankfully. Her outfit was clearly stylish, but also functional, especially the split skirts, the sight of which had her smiling wider on the inside. She likely won’t request a side saddle.

The D’Orsay ward closed the gap between her and the elegant client. She opted for a smooth bow, rather than a curtsey given her lack of skirts.

“Good morning, Lady Eliza, and welcome,” she gestured back toward the stable and the riding trails. “I am Lady Axelle, and it is my pleasure to serve as your riding instructor this morning.” She started burning tin, just to ensure she caught all of the more subtle cues that would be important to today’s lesson, hesitation, fear, uncertainty - on the part of both the horses and hr client.

A pair of stable hands led Midnight, a solid black stallion, and Kylie, a chestnut mare with a broad white blaze down her face. The stable hands paused, the horses remained steady, understanding that for now, all they needed to do was wait.

“And this,” Axelle said, taking a few steps back to where the horses were waiting. “Is Kylie,” she said, gently rubbing the horse’s neck. “She’s very gentle. Wonderful for riders of all experience levels. I think you’ll like her.”

She gestured back with her head, inviting the noblewoman to come closer.

“Would this be your first time?” she asked casually, without judgment, she just wanted to get a sense of Eliza’s experience so far.

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03 July 2018 - 03:32 AM

As Nathan had said, Nessa did in fact appreciate the food. She'd dug right in, and offered a kind of thanks with her eyes, as her mouth was full. It was probably the most honest expression of gratitude one could get where food was concerned. Kess gave a little nod of acknowledgement in return before going in for her second bite.

Her bite hadn't made it all the way through the wrap when the sound of her name being yelled cut through the sounds of the packed market. Her eyes momentarily widened at the unexpected cry, before her face resolved to the cool, detached mask she always wore.

So much for being inconspicuous.

She knew that voice. She hadn't heard it in so, so long but . . . it sounded like Ollie. Her closest friend in the tenement. The Tineye who had saved her from a beating that could've easily gone too far when she was just a tiny thing. Her fellow irregular. One of the kindest souls she'd ever met in this cruel world. He'd always gave of himself, to all the children left to grow up in their building without their parents. To her.

She'd left him behind to follow Mav . . . even after he'd expressed a deep attachment to her, after he'd tried to convince her not to go. She knew now that he'd been right. That she shouldn't have joined that thieving crew. Because if she hadn't . . . maybe Mav would still be alive.

But life hadn't unfolded that way, and she had learned just how weak she'd let emotion make her. So she had exiled herself to a solo existence, so she could hone her skills, and beat out the feelings that had led to catastrophe.

So she wouldn't put anyone else in danger. Including Ollie and Meb and the tenement.

She'd been afraid to see him again. Afraid that it would make her feel.

And she'd been right. She couldn't not feel anything when it came to him.

He'd be safer if he stayed away.

But he was here right now and even after how they'd left things . . . he'd called out to her. She wouldn't just ignore him. She just wouldn't stay in his company for very long. She had an errand to run, a new crew member to deliver back to the den . . .

And he'd be far better off without her.

The young girl he'd liked all those years ago died with Mav.

Kess turned to Nessa, took the girl's free hand, and placed her partially eaten wrap there. Once that was off her hands she pointed at Nessa, her eyes hard, "Don't move," she growled. "I'll be right back."

She stalked into the crowd, craning her neck and even stepping up onto her toes to better locate her old friend. She knew him as soon as she saw him, with the clear blue eyes and a kind face, with a bit of stubble. They'd been so young when they'd parted; he'd grown into a man during the intervening years. She noted the cloak, the way it draped over the arm he'd lost in a factory explosion; it wasn't unlike how she positioned her hair over her eyes. She waved a hand in his direction, as she wound her way through the crowd until she was standing before him.

She looked up into his eyes, her own face carefully composed to remain neutral despite the mix of feelings that looking at him brought up. She wasn't sure what to say. She'd never been good with words. And she had to be careful, she had to stay focused, she couldn't get swept off at the sight of him, at the sound of his voice calling her name.

"You look good, Ollie."

She meant it, too, even if the statement paled in comparison to all of the unanswered questions between them.

She raised a hand to that cloak, and took a fistful of it, leading him back to where Nessa stood off to the side by the wrap vendor. She inched a hand toward her crewmate's left hand but then stopped when she realized the wrap she'd handed off had been devoured in the few minutes she was away. She glanced from the empty hands back to the younger woman's face.

"This is Nessa, she said with a tilt of her head toward the other brunette. "Nessa - Ollie," she said gesturing back to the handsome skaa she'd brought over. "Old friend," she added in anticipation of a question that probably came to the Thug's mind.