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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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10 August 2018 - 04:28 PM

Victor smiled and his family rose as Elliott Faarskar entered the room. Victor nodded in respect, smiling as he did. "Thank you of course for your hospitality. Your staff has been very accommodating."

It was true. Even the skaa servants seemed to be working harder than most. Truthfully it had been quite a pleasant stay so far even with having to wait for their host. Lord Faarskar looked at each one in turn, his eyes lingering over Anaya for a bit. That was enough for Victor to start burning zinc. Of course Bella had her copper on which would hide his allomantic pulses from any seeker. Anaya, noticing it, smiled briefly at the attention. She wasn't one to get embarrassed. As Elliott looked down, Victor rioted his sense of embarrassment slightly. Emotional allomancy was a subtle art, and as Elliott had blushed in embarrassment, it wouldn't hurt to stoke that a little bit.

Elliott mentioned being tired from his trip, which was completely understandable. For now, Victor quit burning zinc. "Of course, and we do not mean to take up much of your time, we had noticed the construction crews for quite sometime and when my daughter saw your carriage, we thought we should introduce ourselves and welcome you to Felise."

Victor moved to stand at the side of his children, with Liam on his immediate left. "My name is Victor, as you know, this is my oldest son and heir, Liam, my eldest child Anaya, Bella, and my youngest Kiriena." Victor went straight down the line of his children. Liam bowed and the girls curtsied as their name was called.

Liam took over almost immediately. "Lord Faarskar, as a gift, we have brought you this bottle of wine from our own vineyards. This is our 908 Vintage Red. We hope you will enjoy it." Liam stepped forward and offered the bottle to his host, bowing slightly in respect.

In Topic: A Fine Vintage

23 July 2018 - 03:16 PM

((Out of Character: As I write both Victor and Veeras - I will include some of Victor's dialogue in this post for ease of reading and not having to switch back and forth for minor discussions))

Veeras made sure that the work was continuing. The house had been mostly moved in, and at the very least they had a sitting room and the kitchen up and running. Veeras, for the most part could see to his duties as steward, only having to check in to make sure the servants were keeping busy with more menial tasks.

A knock came to the door and Veeras moved quickly to answer it. Outside the door stood five individuals. A man, tall and middle aged, stood wearing a pinstripe nobleman's suit with a red cravat. Another man, younger, wore a similar suit with a blue cravat who stood next to a young lady with a blue dress that matched the young man's tie. The look of the two suggested that they were twins. Two other girls stood, one wearing a yellow dress and the other wearing a red dress.

"May I help you, my Lord," Veeras asked politely.

"I'm Victor Cairhaim, Master Terrisman, and these are my children. We are here to welcome our new neighbor to Fellise."

Veeras noticed that the younger Cairhaim held a bottle of wine as a welcome gift. "Of course, Lord Cairhaim. I am Veeras, Lord Farskaar's Steward. Please follow me."

Veeras opened the door farther and the group entered, waiting for Veeras to guide them. He took them to a sitting room, apologizing briefly as they walked.

"My apologies as we are still getting things settled. You may notice some servants working while you visit."

"That is to be expected, Master Terrisman," Victor answered.

As they arrived in the sitting room, Veeras was grateful that he had the foresight to make sure this room was set up early in order to make any guests that might appear comfortable. The Cairhaim family made themselves comfortable.

"With you permission, Lord Cairhaim, I will find Lord Farskaar for you, and send in a servant to see to your needs?" Veeras asked with a bow.

"Of course, and thank you Master Terrisman," Victor said.

Veeras bowed again and exited. He quickly found a trustworthy servant and told them to wait on the Cairhaim's in the sitting room. The servant was quick to oblige. As Veeras worked his way towards Elliott's room, he pulled up Victor Cairhaim in his coppermind. Victor was the head of House Cairhaim. He ran a local vineyard and winery and was a known rioter. That would be good information for Elliott to know. His wife had passed away and he was the father to four children.

Elliott had elected to take a nap after Lady Avril had left, and Veeras had been on his way to wake the Lord before he heard the knock. Now Elliott would need to get ready quickly. Thankfully he had a Steward to facilitate that.

Veeras knocked on the door, before opening it a crack. "Master Elliott, it is the time you requested to be awakened. You also have a visitor that has just arrived."

In Topic: A Fine Vintage

23 July 2018 - 02:56 PM

The five of them entered a carriage that Kiriena had the foresight to call. Liam sat next to Victor and the three girls sat on the other side. Victor could feel his zinc reserves still, but his children, save Kiriena, emptied metal vials into their mouths. Kiriena took all of this in stride, and Victor could help but feel a twinge of guilt. Still, his youngest daughter seemed perfectly okay with her lack of allomantic abilities.

Victor knocked on the ceiling of the carriage and Victor felt slight the horse drawn vehicle go into motion. His children looked to him for directions.

"I'll do most of the talking," he said, making sure he met each child's gaze. "This isn't a sale, we're just introducing ourselves and welcoming our new neighbor. Be respectful and polite."

All four children acknowledged and Victor continued. "Liam, you will offer the bottle of wine after I have finished introductions."

"I understand, Father," Liam responded understandingly.

Upon arrival, the family waited until the chauffeur opened the carriage door. Victor exited first and turned, helping each of his daughters out. Anaya exited with ease, so Victor could tell she was burning pewter. The dance lessons she had received as a child had been a great addition to her pewter burning abilities.

Liam exited last, but moved up next to his father. The group adjusted their clothes and headed to the door, where Victor finally knocked.

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30 June 2018 - 12:01 AM

Veeras nodded at the compliment. "Thank you, Master Farskaar. I certainly intend to do the best I can to assist you, and you have, of course, done nothing to offend me."

It was the answer of a Terrisman Steward, and Veeras was a Terrisman Steward. Outwardly, he kept his cool, but inwardly, he was elated at the praise coming from the young man.

As Elliott mentioned taking his leave, Veeras nodded. "It has been a long day, Master Farskaar, I shall wake you in a couple of hours."

Veeras bowed as Elliott left. A couple of hours would give Veeras enough time to get the rest of Elliott's personal possessions into the house. Thankfully, his master's bedroom was already set. After checking on the servants and making sure they were properly instructed on what to do, Veeras went to his own room.

He didn't have much. He didn't need many possessions. A chest carried some clothing and a jewelry box carried metalminds that he could use to store various attributes. Veeras sat down, moving a few things around his desk. Then his body deflated as he grew weaker, storing some strength in the pewter rings that he had placed on his hands before leaving for Fellise. A few moments later, he stopped filling the pewterminds and began arranging things around in his room.

First Veeras made his bed. Elliott had been right - it had been a taxing day. Veeras of course, could tap his bronzeminds to make it through and he did so now, feeling the tiredness of the day wash away. Lastly, he pulled out his own violin case.

During his service to the Farskaar's, Veeras had kept this hidden, mostly because he didn't want to flaunt his abilites. Veeras was very skilled, but this was a part of his life that he had kept to himself. Veeras opened the case, and checked the instrument. It had not been damaged during the trip to Fellise. The bow was also in good shape. The case had done its job. Veeras plucked at the strings, wincing a little as he did so. The trip had taken the instrument out of tune.

Veeras tuned the instrument and then began to play. He played quietly as to not disturb anyone. The piece he played was a simple etude meant for teaching students how to play a legato line. The simplicity of the children's piece that Avril had played had inspired Veeras to play this one. As a bonus, he didn't even have to pull it out of his coppermind to play it.

Eyes closed, Veeras immersed himself in the music, keeping quiet, but embellishing the simple melody as he played, making it sound more complex than it actually was. Veeras had meant what he said. Sometimes the simplest melody could be the most beautiful. The ones that came from the heart are what spoke to musician, and through the musician, their audience.

Veeras opened his eyes, realizing his volume had increased to to a mezzo forte. He quietly packed away his his violin and placed it underneath his bed for later. Checking the time, he realized that soon he would need to wake Elliott. First he had to go to the kitchens to make sure they were preparing Elliott's dinner.

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21 June 2018 - 03:24 AM

As Kiriena left, Victor finished his glass of wine and went to his own closet. Several suits were hung up, and Victor looked through them, finding one that he liked. It was a black nobleman's suit with pinstripes. He selected a pair of well shined shoes and changed into the suit. He then selected a bright red cravat. It would be good to go with house colors for the first meeting.

Dressed, he moved to head downstairs, but quickly stopped and picked up a metal vial, replenishing his reserves of zinc. Leaving the room, Victor headed to the vestibule where his children were waiting for him. In sync, the three girls curtsied, and the boy bowed his head. Victor smiled. They were in a row, from oldest to youngest. The only exception was Anaya, who although she was a twin to Liam and was technically older, deferred to her brother who was the house heir.

Liam stood tall, wearing a solid black nobleman's suit with a blue cravat. Victor wasn't surprised to see that Anaya was wearing a blue dress. The twins often matched colors. Bella wore a yellow dress and Kiriena wore a red dress. Victor was happy to see that Liam had a bottle of red wine with him. He trusted that his son had followed the directions that Kiriena had given him.

"Do you have metals?" Victor asked his three oldest, who nodded. He had told his children to practice their allomancy. At least Bella was good enough with copper, that their practicing would be invisible to their host. Victor still wasn't sure if he would use his allomancy on the young Farskaar. "Are we ready?"

All four children nodded and Victor gestured for Liam to lead the way. Liam turned on opened the door, allowing the family to exit before following along.