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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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In Topic: Maximillian Driskell - Character Application

17 October 2017 - 04:20 AM


Hes awesome! And, Im already thinking of several characters Id love to RP with him. Great job. I especially liked how easily you gave us a sense of the relationship between Max and Vahlian in such a short exchange. Excellent work.

In Topic: Fathers and Daughters

15 October 2017 - 06:53 PM

Of course Daerra made a small mess of things, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. It would have been preferable if she and Tamsin had left together to tour the hotel, but no doubt Jansten had anticipated Andrew would feel that way, and had insisted the young women stay for that reason. He wasn't confident in taking Andrew on one and one, and so he insisted on playing the game in pairs on the off chance the average of his and his daughter's competencies, combined with Daerra's ineptitude, would be enough to offset Andrew's natural advantages.

He was wrong.

Andrew smirked as Tamsin finished her little recitation, Pushing lightly against her confidence to add a slight sting to his condescension. One day, he would make her pay for that barb about his place in the Elariel succession, but not when a prize like the one Jansten was proposing was on the line. Andrew turned to Jansten, Pushing against his restraint and doubt, hoping that Jansten's continued enthusiasm for his idea would govern him. He also lightly pressed against Jansten's anger and annoyance, not enough to be noticed if Jansten was watching for allomancy, but enough to hopefully de-escalate the tension in the room.

"I'm well aware of your house's fidelity, Lord Landell. I don't think either Lady Daerra or I were intending to imply you will be unable to see your project through to completion." Andrew left the dossier untouched, but Pushed hard against all of Daerra's emotions except for curiousity, hoping she would take the hint this time. Thankfully, she complied. Daerra's attempt to make her motions seem casual were convincing enough, he supposed, even if they were painfully obvious to Andrew. She began to flip through the folder idly, as if she were paging through a fashion folio while waiting for guests to arrive. At least she's good for something.

"So having acknowledged your competence, how are we to assure the lords and ladies of Luthadel's elite that a visit to the proposed establishment will not harm their carefully crafted reputations? I have no doubt they will be drawn there, whether by fashion, fancy, or foolhardy, but how do you intend to relax the purse strings, so to speak? I'll admit your proposal has my interest. Lady Tamsin is correct to point out that I wouldn't be here if it were otherwise. That interest comes with concerns though."

"For your venture to be worth its price tag, we need to earn more than we would operating a lower class establishment." Andrew continued soothing both Jansten and Tamsin, making light adjustments to make them more attentive. He wanted to make it feel easy and pleasant for them to listen to him, contrasting their feelings of discomfort and agitation following Daerra's earlier response. "So, let's problem solve, shall we? Efram Lekal and Aldwin Tekiel are itching to spend their stipends and to be seen doing it. Their money, and what information we can glean from their patronage, isn't much different from what we might earn or discover from their solicitation of a lower level, less expensive, establishment. But say Caden Hasting, wanting to be seen as part of the fashionable set, attends with them, where he might not have joined had they been frequenting one of Luthadel's existing gambling dens. Having attracted a nobleman of pristine reputation, what do we earn off of his presence, and how do we convince him to let loose and enjoy with his colleagues?"

As he finished, Andrew shifted his soothing once again, while keeping it light, trying to make Tamsin and Jansten slightly more eager to prove themselves. All right Jansten, let's see you convince me.

In Topic: Within and Without

11 October 2017 - 04:34 AM

Despite his efforts to set her at ease, Marisha remained hesitant. It took Aaron a moment to decipher her murmurs. Was she serious? The thought of a woman of Marisha's obvious genius thinking Aaron to have great intellect seemed laughable. And yet, isn't that what she had just stated? As he reflected, Aaron realized how foolish, and potentially insulting his earlier mirth might have been. Marisha wasn't the type of person to hold her intelligence over people or to make fun out of others weaknesses. So why had he gone and assumed that was what she was doing?

"I apologize for the broad question, " Aaron didn't know how to apologize for his earlier assumption, but hopefully an apology of any kind would help express his contrition. "I did not mean to steer to conversation towards indecency, or to put you on the spot. But really, I don't think you need to worry. Running might not be a common form of exercise, but our culture and gender roles can be unfairly limiting on a woman's options." Though the words weren't Aaron's own, they slipped out almost without his notice, ingrained within him from the many times he had been on the listening end of the argument. "I mean, some would see it as indecent for a woman of high birth to participate in most public sports, no matter the uniform, and most formal training regimens are designed with the male physique in mind. Running is a mostly private activity that one can perform on his, or her, own, without much training. I think it's a perfectly decent choice for a woman who wishes to improve her health. I mean, Daerra runs almost daily, so long as she can find the time. . ."

Aaron trailed off as his thoughts caught up to his mouth. He'd been parroting Daerra without even realizing it! How many of her opinions and arguments were hidden away, ingrained into his psyche? Had it been intentional? Could she have planned this from the beginning, deliberately implanting him with her ideas from an early age, and molding him into the creature she wanted him to be?

No! It can't be true. Daerra had changed. She hadn't always been the way she was now. Their childhood had never been idyllic, but their bond had been real, different from the many other relationships that Daerra moulded and manipulated. He had known the real Daerra.

But what if that was what everyone else thought too?

"I. . . ah. . . sorry. I just. . . um, lost my train of thought there." Aaron scrunched his eyes closed, trying to clear his head, and absently ran his fingers through his absent curls. "We were, talking about running, yes? Well I think that's great that you enjoy it. Yeah."

In Topic: Matters of Discretion

11 October 2017 - 04:09 AM

The girl visibly relaxed. Either she found something about him comforting, or she had put on her 'business face', and those nerves were still there, hidden beneath the surface. Either way, that gave him something he could use. If she found his company soothing, his charm could serve to dull her wits, whereas if he her anxiety was buried beneath her professional facade, he could plant little barbs to trigger her anxiety, without seeming to realize what he was doing.

Andrew chuckled quietly to himself, flashing his teeth in a smile he intended to appear both charming and predatory. Hopefully, the informant would see one or the other, and her reactions would give him better insight into her current mental state. He caught her eyes scanning the room, taking in details, observing the finery that surrounded her. Did she judge Elariel's indulgence, or envy its wealth? Perhaps both? Further, how aware was she of her own thoughts and feelings towards the room?

"I thought you were being paid to answer questions, no? Or do you charge extra to refrain from asking them?" Andrew tilted his head and leaned back, making his study obvious, and then broke into another smile. "I'm teasing, of course. Don't worry." The touch of humor should either set her further at ease, or make her feel patronized, if the anxiety was still there. "Just give me your report. I'll let you know if there are any deficiencies, but I'm sure you'll be fine." Yes, he had to keep her guessing. Was he trying to make her feel more comfortable, or was he insulting her competency? Which cues she picked up on would tell him what he wanted to know.

In Topic: Fathers and Daughters

27 September 2017 - 05:06 AM

Daerra maintained her serene expression, though she seethed within. How dare Lord Landell use her like some prop; a mere weakness of her father's to be exploited. Of course he had to take advantage of Daerra to try to turn the tables on Andrew. Andrew was obviously impervious--so perfect and without foible that his flawed and feeble little daughter was the only way around his peerless intellect and polished stratagems.

Jansten would of course be aware that he had put Daerra in an impossible situation. Every word she spoke would be in contradiction of her father's instructions, while remaining silent or playing demure and letting Andrew retake the lead would reflect poorly on her and on her house. The fact that she had watched the maneuver happen, knowing full well where it would lead, without being able to do anything to stop it only increased her fury.

While some part of her knew that her anger was being displaced, and that Andrew bore the lionshare of the blame for her current predicament, that part of her was snuffed out by the part of her that wanted desperately to show Jansten Landell the error of his ways. Her father thought she was a monster anyways, why not show him just what a monstrosity she could be?

"You flatter me, Lord Landell." A pleasantry, useless but for the few seconds it bought her to plan. "I had not thought my reputation for... perception so noteworthy." Jansten had the money to open his little gambling den. If the deal went through Elariel, or Andrew personally, would surely contribute, if only to preserve acquire an enforceable interest in the Venture. The Landell's were known for the wealth. What they needed was Elariel's name, that mark of status and prestige which, if applied correctly, would make Jansten's glamorous vision a reality.

"Reputation is an interesting concept, isn't it?" Daerra kept her tone cool and measured, but injected a bit of warmth to avoid sounding cold. Perfume and sweet music to cloak the sound and smell of her steel. "The men you mentioned all have status, yes, but what of their reputation?" And what of your reputation, sir? Do you think your 'salad days' went unnoticed by your betters? "Riordan Casuana, Efram Lekal, Etienne Deveaux, you chose them for a reason, yes? They were low hanging fruit, easy to risk disparaging because you believe doing so would be of little consequence."

Daerra glanced to the side, holding Tamsin's eyes in her own for a moment before returning to Jansten. Let her feel what it was to be used. I see her Jansten, and I'm not reaching for her yet, but if I decide to you can't stop me. "While I cannot speak for my father, my supposition is that your proposal will require some measure of discretion if it is to be successful." Daerra added a hint of amusement to her tone. She wanted to seem as if she were humoring him, playing along with his game at her discretion, and not because he had cornered her. She needed to sound like she was indulging a passing fancy if she wanted her barbs to have maximum effect.

"For your venture to outlast its own novelty, lords and ladies of high status and reputation will need some reassurance that their patronage will not come back to bite them at the next day's luncheon." Daerra gradually transitioned away from amusement, hoping to end on a professional note. "It will be a delicate dance. How do you propose to manage it?"

Belatedly, Daerra felt the familiar touch of her father's allomancy, smothering her initiative, confidence, and rebellion. Normally she could sense even the subtlest of Andrew's manipulations without bronze, but in the heat of the moment, Daerra's anger had overpowered her other emotions and obscured Andrew's allomancy.

Andrew's expression remained unchanged. His casual posture, his subtle but knowing grin, and those amused yet calculating eyes made it seem like everything was going according to his grand design. His gaze flicked back to Jansten, nodding for the other Lord to answer as if his permission was required.

He didn't know to soothe my anger because he didn't realize I was angry. Daerra allowed herself a small moment of silent self-congratulation. Whatever the consequences of this meeting, she had bested her father, and his failure to notice her victory only made it sweeter.