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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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In Topic: Within and Without

11 October 2017 - 01:30 PM

The cadence of Aaron's voice had changed distinctly, even as his choice of words shifted, and Marisha froze in place. It was like he had suddenly become another person. No, not merely another person - she recognized the voice. Daerra Elariel was coming out of his mouth, as if she was speaking through her brother. Marisha could barely process the words over the shift. She was already backed right up to the parapet wall; there was no way to shy back further. Her hand closed around the stellated necklace, the silver points digging into her palm and her fingers, and came up across her chest like a barrier.

It was not long before the shift reversed. A part of Marisha's mind tried to process what Aaron had been actually saying, but this was difficult. She was on the very edge of a spiral into panic. He had said that there was nothing indecent in women running, that the restrictions placed on women in general were not fair. She forced herself to try to consciously work this through. She had promised herself that she would just play into this. That by expecting the worst she would be ready, it would not hurt so much when it struck, and a simple flash of Aaron's true colors drove her into terror.

Because she wasn't capable of simply pretending. She could tell herself that she was, but Marisha was a stupid woman; she thought back on their conversation and saw that lit up in full color - her own reflections about what he said of himself, caring whether or not Aaron thought he was stupid and that he had something he could be passionate about. Marisha had decided to set up a wall to protect herself, and she couldn't keep it properly in place. She didn't even know why that was happening.

Marisha realized there was a slow drip of blood down her wrist and almost mechanically she opened her hand. The delicate silver of the dodecahedron necklace was crumpled out of recognition, and her fingers and palm had been cut.

The obvious answer struck her. Emotional Allomancy. He was Soothing her - or Rioting her. Or both at the same time. She hadn't picked up on the touch of bronze or zinc - both were all too familiar to her - but it made sense, didn't it? No. It didn't. He could have shut down this panic and kept her open to manipulation. Nothing made sense.

In Topic: Fathers and Daughters

27 September 2017 - 01:57 PM

Tamsin kept her surprise under control. She'd seen her father's move, understood it - she saw each move in this dance, but she hadn't anticipated the knives. They were there in the look that Daerra gave her. While she could understand that at the moment she and her father were playing against these two, why was there such viciousness in the woman's pale grey eyes? Jansten had even shown Daerra a kind of respect.

"No, I'm really not given to flattery, Lady Daerra," Jansten answered. His grin hadn't diminished. For the moment he focused all his attention on Daerra, his eyes only briefly sliding to Andrew. He noted the little nod, that part of the game. "If you know anything about my own reputation, you know I'm a cantankerous old bastard who tells it like it is whether people want to hear it or not. Some people like that, some people hate it; but the other part of my reputation is that Landell always follows through. Lord Andrew wouldn't be here today if he didn't know that."

"So," Jansten continued, and looked to Tamsin now. She was tense, uncertain if this was the right move from him, or what part in this game he wanted her to play. "I taught my daughter, and I trust her to do the same. What do you see right now, Tamsin?"

"I see," Tamsin said slowly and carefully, "that she gave no real answer out loud to your question. You asked what she thought the nobles she knew would do if this was in front of them, and Lady Daerra went around answering that by turning it into her own question. The answer to Lady Daerra's question is already right in front of all of us, I think everyone in this room is aware of it, but if it needs to be said out loud I suppose I can do that. So: Lord Andrew knows perfectly well that people of reputation will be drawn to this. He wouldn't be here himself for any other reason." Her gaze flicked to Andrew instead of being divided between her father and Daerra, addressing him directly.

Tamsin didn't like him. She found his gaze as disconcerting as the venom in his daughter's look, even though it was far more veiled with Andrew Elariel. All the same Tamsin maintained an icy-cool composure as she spoke. "My father could have approached someone else within your House, perhaps someone who wasn't disinherited so many years ago, instead of you. He didn't. This is an incredible opportunity for House Elariel, but it's also an incredible opportunity for you to increase your own personal power and you know it. All of us stand to benefit. House Landell benefits financially, and from the grace of the Elariel name attached to the establishment granting greater success, as Elariel is known not to be formally allied with any other Great House above another. House Elariel benefits financially and socially. Andrew Elariel benefits by virtue of gaining knowledge and leverage over others on a regular basis."

Since Daerra had given the metaphor... and Tamsin felt for some reason as if there was more to it than that, as if Daerra, while she was looking at Tamsin's gouty, lame, and overweight father, was making a pointed comment... she decided to take that theme and run with it. Tamsin smiled. "Will a gamble draw a man of reputation? This one is drawing you right now and I'll wager you just can't pass up a challenge. The door is there. You can walk out of it and turn this down if you want to. We're not here as beggars, Lord Andrew. We're here as partners. Will you dance or not?"

She left the folder where it was. This had become a power play: forcing Andrew Elariel to either reach for it or not.

In Topic: Fathers and Daughters

26 September 2017 - 12:37 PM

Jansten was feeling a sudden sense of uncertainty. He had no doubt in his own idea; what he had laid out was an irresistible draw, and it would work exactly as he had said it would work. But Andrew Elariel was refusing to bite down on the bait. Surely he could not fail to see the truth in what Jansten was saying - it was undeniable. But no, Jansten decided, this was a play to try to set him off his balance and push him towards a weaker position. Less business partner and more supplicant. Logically, his proposal made too much sense to just brush away. Andrew Elariel was too intelligent not to see it, just as Jansten had laid it out, and all the further implications that it would have for House Elariel in general, and for Andrew Elariel specifically.

So the cantankerous old nobleman laughed out loud, a deep belly laugh despite his slight sense of nervousness. "Oh, Lord Ruler. Men and women of calibre are no less foolish on the whole than any others. Riordan Casuana, Efram Lekal, Etienne Deveaux... Rust and Ruin, I would have been there in my salad days."

Daerra had been silent throughout the entire discussion. Jansten was perfectly aware that she was there only to get rid of his own daughter, which was meant to weaken him, and to treat his heir like something less than what she was. She was expected at this point to keep quiet now that her purpose had been foiled. Andrew Elariel clearly thought little enough of women.

Well, Jansten could take his opponent's strategy and turn it completely on its head. Change the rules of the engagement completely. Since Andrew had seen fit to bring his daughter and then fail to include her in the conversation at all... Jansten could do precisely the opposite. Why not give Daerra a voice in this, and see what came out when she could not avoid it? She was not Andrew's heir, but she was certainly at least Tamsin's equal in standing. Why not treat her accordingly, where Andrew had treated his own daughter with veiled amusement and contempt?

Jansten turned to Daerra Elariel and gave her a grin. "What do you think, Lady Daerra? These are your peers, and you are well known to be a wise and thoughtful woman. You must also be a shrewd judge of character. Do you suppose that young men and women you know will be pulled in towards this proposed sophisticated den of iniquity?"

In Topic: Within and Without

26 September 2017 - 01:18 AM

Marisha reclaimed the dodecahedron necklace where it hung from Aaron's fingers, closing her hand around it. She seemed to have made him smile, even laugh - but she had not meant it as a joke at all. She had been quite serious. Did he really find it ridiculous to suggest that he was intelligent? It was obvious that he was; his eyes were alive with intelligence. But he said he was not, he laughed at the very idea, and then he told her that he did not really often feel passionate about anything. That for the most part, he felt bland enjoyment and otherwise, boredom. "I was not joking," she murmured.

She wondered what it would be like, to have found nothing that kindled the mind. Marisha did not like that thought. It was the only thing she had in her life that gave her happiness, outside of her brother - and even her relationship with Nerid was tangled up in so many painful things that it was bittersweet. For some reason she wanted to know what might, if in the right situation, bring out something different in Aaron.

"I..." She hesitated, trying to think of a response to his question. It would not do to say physics because this was only applied mathematics. All of the other things she did were just... the mechanics of survival, and she had never thought very much about that. No one ever asked her these kinds of questions. Literally no one. Nerid didn't think to ask them and no one she had known had ever cared. It made it so hard to answer.

She wanted to give him an answer; she wished that there was something - music, art, dance, theater, something creative - that she could tell him about. She wished she was a violinist, or a singer, or something. The tessellation designs and the fractals did not count; they were mathematical, and they were not a kind of art that anyone would recognize. Marisha bit her lip and finally managed to say, "I... well, everything has its foundation in mathematics and so... but there is... I mean to say that... otherwise, I... I love to run, my Lord. It's not so easily done in the city... I understand it's not... safe, or appropriate for a woman to... but in the country it is open and you can run until you're so tired that everything is... quiet. In your head. And you are just there, in the mists... but I know that's not what you meant by... it's not a subject and it's not decent."

In Topic: Crumbs

31 July 2017 - 02:39 AM

Etienne had the hardest time imagining Daerra Elariel at ten years old playing such a prank with her brother, and despite the fact that he felt a little bad for a small Claudia Elariel, he was laughing too as he tossed small scraps of bread to the ducks. It was the contrast, the surprise. Of course Daerra hadn't sprung from nowhere fully formed, that was ridiculous - but like Damien, it was hard to conceptualize that she hadn't.

It had surprised him even more that Daerra was the driving force behind the pranks she had described. He'd have expected it from Aaron, never from the cool, collected young woman. But there was so much he didn't know about her. Etienne paused as she turned the question on him and then he laughed easily, "Oh, yes. I suppose I was about ten when I snuck into the portrait gallery at Keep Deveaux and made some improvements. I did quite a bit of artistry here and there for the Lords and Ladies of years past - lots of polka dots to liven things up - but I saved my best work for Lord Augustin Deveaux."