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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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Matarn Wachtrot-Coppercloud Prelan

10 January 2019 - 02:09 AM

Matarn Wachtrot
Coppercloud Prelan

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Name/Handle: Maill
Contact: PM, Discord, etc.

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Name: Matarn
Type: Obligator
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Northern Dominance
Occupation: Prelan in Canton of Inquisition
Relationship Status: Widower

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Copper
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Known

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Prelan Matarn is a relatively average nobleman. He stands just under six feet tall and is slender. He has a bit of a paunch of a stomach from his many years in the office. He is bald as all Obligators are, with dusty blue eyes. He wears spectacles and has a face which is constantly pinched in thought. A scowl is the most frequent expression worn by Matarn, alternating with one of disinterest.

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Matarn is pious to a fault. He never breaks rules and is one of, if not the, most devout obligator in the Steel Ministry. He believes in the Lord Ruler with all his soul, believing him to be the pinnacle of justice and right. He’s a somber man, very serious in all his endeavours. Prelan Matarn is very educated, having spent most of his growing up years studying to become an obligator. He is fastidious in every investigation he is assigned to and refuses to let his superiors down, seeing that as a lack of conviction in the purpose of the Ministry. He hates skaa with the passion that the religion inspires. He’s not an outspoken man, though he can be eloquent and long-winded when he is required to make an address.

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Special Skills: Record keeping, investigation, writing, espionage, deceit

Strengths: Matarn is very good at maintaining efficiency in the Canton. He’s very detail-oriented and focuses on making sure all goes as it should. He works hard to facilitate inter-Canton communication and believes that the internal Ministry politicking is ridiculous. Obsessively loyal to the Lord Ruler.

Weaknesses: Matarn is not the most personable obligator. He is quite introverted, but only socially. He maintains communication with many obligators and nobles through letters, but doesn’t maintain many relationships in person. When it comes to actual combat, he tends to escape, having very little skill in the field.

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Matarn was born into House Wachtrot in 877. His House is a minor one in the Northern Dominance. He was the third son to his parents and they, being very devout to the Lord Ruler themselves, raised him with much worship. They had always desired for one of their sons to take a role in the Ministry and when he expressed interest as a child, they latched on to it, providing all the resources they could to aid his studies. His oldest brother was tutored in economics and diplomacy and Matarn was taught in history and doctrine. As they grew, they began to sit in on each other’s lessons, hoping to gain what the other had. Lord and Lady Wachtrot wanted Matarn to join the Canton of Doctrine, but the more he learned, the more he wanted to join the Canton of Inquisition instead.

Matarn found the intrigue of Inquisition fascinating as he had always loved puzzles and riddles. He wanted to solve cases and had the idea of becoming a detective of sorts. His fanciful ideas of the Ministry were left in childhood, but the core ideas stuck with him. When he was 15, he underwent initiation as a full member of his House, involving the classic beating to reveal Allomantic abilities. He Snapped and became able to use copper. Matarn was disappointed in his metal because he thought others would be more useful to Inquisition. But he recognized it as a gift from the Lord Ruler and so he embraced his talent and began to work even harder to become an Obligator. He began visiting the various Canton buildings in Urteau and talking to different obligators about their assignments.

When Matarn was 22, he officially began training as an obligator and went through the initiate process. At the end of it, he was accepted into Inquisition and disavowed his Wachtrot origins. He was excited to join the Canton he had always wanted to be part of, but quickly found that it lacked the excitement he had imagined. He frequently spent shifts at various soothing stations throughout Luthadel, burning copper to hide the allomancy within. He was noticed quickly for his bureaucratic skills and was given important assignments in the Canton headquarters. He became obsessed with completing every assignment perfectly. He wanted to prove that he was worthy to serve the Lord Ruler.

At the age of 25, he met Lady Felici Arastan at a ball he was officiating. She was from an insignificant House, a vassal to House Venture, but she captivated him with her subtle manipulations at the ball. She would weave intricate and detailed, but brief, arrangements and have an obligator verify them. She often found herself many small court advantages, monetary and otherwise. When Matarn was once asked to verify one such deal, he was fascinated and began to be her obligator of choice. After frequent meetings and contracts, they were married two years after first meeting.

A year after their marriage, Felici gave birth to their daughter, Salema. She was Matarn’s top priority, following the Lord Ruler of course. He doted on his daughter when he could get away from his work. His relationship with Felici slowly became one more of contract than of love, though he never claimed he’d been in love even at the beginning. Matarn continued to work diligently, and by age 32, he was a Prelan.

Matarn, after becoming a Prelan, applied for and was transferred to the Undercanton of Stability, but after a year there, he realized that managing the Garrison was not for him. He transferred back to Inquisition and has stayed there since.

In his position as a Prelan, he oversees many of the new acolytes after their initial trainings. He interviews those seeking to join Inquisition and provides the first recommendation for their approval or rejection into the Canton. He occasionally is assigned to travel to the actual training locations and participates in the training itself(particularly when there are Smoker acolytes), but he isn’t fond of it. Matarn is also assigned back home to Urteau a couple times a year to work with the branches of the Ministry and important noble contacts there.

Two years ago, Felici died when one of her trickily worded contracts caught a nobleman unawares and he ended up owing her much more money then he had planned. Forced by the obligator who witnessed their contract to fulfil his end of the deal, unwittingly though it may have been, he contracted a killer for Lady Arastan. Matarn returned home after a shift at a soothing station late one night to find his wife murdered in their kitchen. He cleaned it up quickly and created a story to tell Salema about her mother’s death. Matarn was angry at the death of his wife, but accepted it as part of the Lord Ruler’s will for his life, knowing that there must be a reason for such brutality. He was able to accept it as a fulfillment of justice in her life. Salema was, understandably, much more upset and still has a hard time with the death. Matarn currently has hired a Terriswoman steward to teach and raise Salema while he works.

At the current time, Matarn continues his jobs as Prelan and has recently been appointed to be in charge of Inquisition’s inter-Canton communications. He is still assigned out to soothing stations once or twice a week.

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Rikor-Skaa Rioter

06 January 2019 - 11:19 PM

Skaa Misting

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Name/Handle: Maill
Contact: PM, Discord, etc.

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Name: Rikor
Type: Skaa
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Luthadel
Occupation: Beggar
Relationship Status: Single

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Type of Powers: Misting
Metals Used: Zinc
Degree of Skill: Intermediate
Status: Known to his crew, but not publicly

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Rikor is thin, with lean muscle, and short around 5'6", with a scraggly blond beard, too thin to mask his frequent smirks. His face is pocked with acne scars. He is pale underneath the gray of ash. Rikor speaks with a grating, sarcastic tone and walks with a false cocky gait. Many of his physical traits are defined by his zinc deficiency, having lived his whole life on the street, he's never had enough vitamins. He noticed that he has less bowel problems as well as feels better when he gets a solid meal of meat or when he manages to get some nuts, which he'll snack on whenever he can get any. Posted Image
Rikor loves things that are gentle, soft, and fluffy about life, and he likes to spit on them. He's always sarcastic, loves messing with people, and is consistently smirking. Rikor pretends that he is confident and cocky around the crew, but on the inside, he's very insecure about his height and build. He is always standing up straight, and will spit back an insult to anyone who mentions his height or his scars or his beard. Or anything really. He finds joy in the ironies of life and believes revenge is the best tool for society to function. You're knocked down a peg, fight your way back up.

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Special Skills: Fighting, typically with a staff or knives, talking smack

Rikor is very good at recognizing his own emotions and keeping them where he wants them. He is always aware of how he is presenting himself to others because his abilities as a Rioter have made him very aware of emotions. He is a strong fighter, balancing his physical weaknesses with his allomantic ability.

Weaknesses: Rikor is very self-critical and has a hard time letting others in on his real feelings. Because of his awareness of emotions, he is always putting up a facade. He is capable of reading, but only minimally. Rikor stresses about his family that he has left behind. He frequently rationalizes to himself what he's done and continues to move forward, typically using his abilities to convince a lady near him to spend the night.

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Born in the year 890, Rikor is the child of a brothel whore and a dockworker. His mother was the illegitimate daughter of a noble family that collapsed when she was a child and she grew up in the slums. Rikor had a brother, Serti, born a year after him. Their father was whipped to death by an impatient nobleman when Rikor was five years old. His mother worked extra after that to provide for her sons. Rikor got involved with some young pickpockets and would augment his family's income through various minor thefts.

When Rikor was eleven, his mother was killed after a nobleman decided he was finished with her, leaving him and Serti orphans. Rikor began spending daytime hours among the streets of skaa craftsmen, begging. During the nights, he stuck with his gang and they fought together. He became a skilled fighter.

Rikor was feisty and constantly getting in fights with their gang leader. One day, when Rikor was 16, the other kid had had enough and beat Serti in Rikor's place while Rikor was out begging. Rikor returned to the hideaway as Serti was killed. He was furious. He'd spent years raising and protecting his brother. Rage snapped inside of him and he killed the gang leader, leaving his body on top of Rikor's. It was the best burial he could afford his brother.

Rikor left the gang after Serti died. Amina, a girl that had begged with him, came with him and they dueled various upstart gangs for money. Both were competent fighters and began acting as mercenaries for various crews as they grew older. When crews or gangs needed some extra fighters or bodyguards, they'd be hired on for a job. Rikor didn't like staying with a single crew or gang for a long time, preferring to move on, living transiently throughout Luthadel.

After his brother's death, he'd realized he had a source inside of him. When he used it, he could change others' emotions, increasing them, whatever they were. He began using the ability in his fights until a Seeker in the crew he was working for had approached him and explained allomancy to him. Rikor now demands a Smoker accompany him to all fights when he works with a crew.

Five years ago, he andAmina joined up with Kolin's crew and Ami had decided to stick around. Rikor couldn't convince himself to do so, so he continued contracts, but stayed close with Amina, frequently working for Kolin. A year or so ago, Rikor decided to stick with the crew, but he rarely spends the night in the safehouse itself, preferring to visit brothels or new alleyways. It's his way of staying mobile while sticking with the crew.

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Rikor laughed. The kid thought he was a hotshot around here? "Kid, I'm at least five years older than you and a lot stronger. You can tell I'm a man by these hairs on my chin. Let me see, ah, just like I thought, no whiskers on you. Not more than your mother, at least," he smirked, stroking the kid's chin. The boy looked down at him, eyebrows furrowed with anger. Rikor switched his zinc on for a brief moment, Rioting the boy's inner grief. The eyebrows fluttered in confusion, probably wondering why he was sad and angry at the same time.

Rikor took the opportunity to jab the boy in the gut. "So, like I said, you'll be leaving the alley tonight." The kid looked down at him and shrugged off the sadness he felt.

"You're not even tall enough to lay across this alley," the boy said. "We'll be staying. You'll be leaving." Rikor grinned. Another fight, then. He whipped out his knives and leaped forward, slashing the boy's shins quickly. The kid was stupid, but not leaving an alley that Rikor wanted didn't deserve death. He Pulled on the boy's sense of fatigue and he stumbled. Rikor grabbed him around the chest and shoved him down the alley, pinning him up against the wall. The other kids were still staring. He Rioted their fear and insecurity and they stayed where they were. Ami would take care of any that got in the way, if the manipulation faded too soon.

"Kid, leave now. You're hungry," He Rioted the boy's hunger. "Tired," switched to fatigue. "Scared." Rikor finished it off with a classic fear Riot. "Pick another alley." The kid stumbled down the alley as Rikor let go of him. The others followed.

"My lady Amina, here is your bed for the night," Rikor said with the false accent of the nobility once the kids had scattered. He pointed to a pile of discarded rags and ash. "My apologies for the lack of cleanliness, I know your ladyship prefers better, but this is all I could manage for the night."