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The Lord Ruler's perfect capital city, Luthadel, is doing the impossible: rebelling. Skaa half-breeds are being taught the power of Allomancy, something that the Lord Ruler's obligators said only existed in the nobility. The enslaved skaa, with their murderous benefactor, now fight back against a living god's oppression.

So, the Inquisition was formed. The nobles begin to fear assassination from all sides. The times of nobility Mistborn killing each other are over. The Steel Inquisitors look for aristocrat traitors and insurgent skaa, and the skaa try with all their strength to merely survive. The Lord Ruler's perfect Final Empire is slowly devolving into chaos.

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A Lovely Night

05 April 2018 - 11:36 PM

Tristand walked with Adrianne holding his arm away from a dinner party in Fellise where they had just finished turning everyone into friends or potential allies with their silver tongues and good business sense. Tristand grinned.

"Come on," he said. He led Adrianne down a garden path of the estate instead of to their carriage that would take them home.

Once they rounded a corner, he could see the sun start to dip below the horizon. They had a beautifully framed view of a gorgeous, romantic sunset. Tristand stopped walking, and stepped away from Adrianne for a moment, looking back over his shoulder at her, smirk playing on his lips. He turned fully toward her and started to sing.

"The sun is nearly gone
The mists will come 'til dawn
A silver shine that stretches to the sea

We've stumbled on a view
That's tailor-made for two
What a shame those two are you and me

Some other girl and guy
Would love this swirling sky
But there's only you and I
And we've got no shot

This could never be
You're not the type for me"

Surviving Duplicity.

25 February 2018 - 11:28 PM

Standing in an empty parlor, Garrett went over his plan in his head again. He ran through all of the possible lines of inquiry Lord Augustin Deveaux would bring to the conversation. He needed to be ready for anything that they'd bring to the table.

Garrett Atwood spent the morning in negotiations for a deed to a mine held by Sureau. It was a lucrative mine that Sureau had been having trouble mining. They didn't have the equipment or infrastructure - which really meant that they just didn't have a vassal house to do the work for them. They took up Garrett's offer to mine metals for them. He signed the paperwork on the deed earlier that day, and now Atwood was in control of a new mine to replace the one that had dried up.

Now, this contract was likely to give Atwood the standing to attempt a Luthadel bid.

Garrett was very familiar with how Luthadel politics worked. If he were to truly side with Sureau, they'd cut all ties to Atwood, and let them sink on their own. Then, they'd likely pick up the pieces and allow someone they trust to take their place. Plus Sureau would get control of Atwood's assets in Tremredare.

If Garrett did make a Luthadel bid, Deveaux, who had a bottleneck on the Allomantic metal market, would obliterate him, his family, and everything he had left. Which meant that he was planned to take this directly to Deveaux, along with himself and his family. Getting absorbed by Deveaux was better than losing anyone else.

The way Garrett saw it, the worst outcome was the same as the outcome if he sided with Sureau - death. So, anything that didn't end in death would be considered a win for him today.

When he arrived at Keep Deveaux, he was patted down by guards before being brought inside. It was an unannounced visit, and Garrett was surprised there wasn't a more thorough search. He demanded, as confidently as he could, to see Lord Augustin. They didn't seem confident that he would be able to interrupt Lord Augustin's evening. They guarded his carriage driver and Garrett subjected the carriage to a search.

Then, he was led to an empty parlor. He didn't feel like he could sit down and feel comfortable here, so he paced, waiting. He had never been more nervous in his life.

Garrett Atwood

01 February 2018 - 04:12 AM

Noble Mistborn

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Name/Handle: Moooooru
Contact: Challenge me to a duel.

Posted Image

Name: Garrett Atwood
Type: Noble
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tremredare
Occupation: House Lord.
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Mistborn
Metals Used: All
Degree of Skill: Intermediate -- all except: Novice - Atium
Status: Hidden

Posted Image

Garrett is gifted with all around average looks. He has a strong jaw, and dark brown eyes. His face is attractive, but he does not stand out of a crowd as particularly nice to look at. His hair is long enough to look a little shaggy, but he tries to keep it trimmed to socially acceptable lengths. He also keeps his face cleanly shaven. His beard grows in patchy, and he does not like how that looks. He is six foot, and covered with lean, willowy muscle.

Being a widower, Garrett wears a lot of black. While he is technically out of mourning by society’s standards, he has not changed his wardrobe back to add colors back into every piece. He has a long black coat that he usually wears over black trousers and a black shirt. The most colorful piece of clothing he added back a few months ago are vests. He prefers vests with embroidery. Some of them are muted colors with silver or gold embroidery on them, and others are black.

Posted Image

Garrett Deveaux, if left to develop how he would have liked to, would have been a prolific composer. He would have spent his time quietly studying the art of music. He enjoys solitude, and he has always been sensitive and kind to others. The reality of being an heir to a noble house took those pleasures away from him. He was not allowed to be who he thought he should be, and instead forced into extroversion.

Garrett finds most of his joy and energy from being alone. When he has to be with other people, he tends to put on this persona. The persona of what he feels a nobleman should be. This version of Garrett is proud, pragmatic, and harder than the man underneath the visage. Since he took up the title of Lord Atwood, this persona has become a part of his everyday routine.

He does keep some of his true self in this nobleman persona, but they are only the overlapping qualities. He is fiercely loyal to his family - and will always do what is best for them, even if it turns him into the villain. He is faithful to his word at every point, and has never even considered hurting someone for his own gain.

Garrett is also filled with sadness and guilt almost all of the time because of the death of his family and his wife. He is still in mourning for Edith (in his heart, if not in public). He is also terrified that something like that may happen again. He feels that death follows him around at this point, so he is very protective of those people he does care about, namely his sister.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Piano, Dancing.

Strengths: Garrett has always been good at following orders. It is much less thinking on his part, and he can do it easily. He also counts confidence and acting among his strengths. He has always been good at hiding his true emotion, and displaying only what he wanted people to see. He is very good at redirecting his thoughts away from unpleasant matters.

Weaknesses: Garrett had to spread himself so thinly as Lord Atwood, he did not have the time or ability necessary to develop any skills to advanced skill levels. He became mediocre at everything he tried, but never strove for excellence. He is particularly terrible at strategy when it comes to infiltration or planning attacks. His affinity for following orders always made it hard for him to lead. He also holds everyone he knows at arm’s length. He rarely lets anyone get close to him, for fear of losing someone close to him again. He has learned to live with grief, but it still follows him like a shadow of the Deepness.

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From the moment Garrett Atwood was born in 883, he was the center of attention. To say his mother doted on him would be an understatement. Lady Cecily Atwood had thought herself infertile. She and Lord Miles Atwood had been trying for several years to have children and it was weighing heavily on her. When they finally had a child, a male, an heir, she was elated.

Garrett grew up, spending a lot of time with both of his parents. He spent a lot of time watching his father work, and when father was not available, he would play piano with his mother. She taught him an appreciation for music, and his father taught him an appreciation for maths, metals, and business.

When he was 10, he was taken to be beaten. He was tested for Allomancy as many other children were. He was beaten by several men in his father’s employ. By the time it was over, he couldn’t stand on his own and he passed out from the pain… but he had Snapped. He could feel a new power surge within him as his eyes closed and the world went dark. He woke up with several people waiting by his bedside.

There was a nurse, redressing a small wound that Garrett could have sworn felt bigger when it happened. His mother was also at his bedside. She had been spending more and more time in her room lately, unable to leave her bed, but she made sure to be there next to Garrett when he needed it. His fondest memories were of his recovery bed, when she would read stories of famous Mistborn to him. She told him that he was important, loved, and talented. She was the biggest confidence boost a young boy could have asked for.

When he had recovered, he began his training. He spent hours a day training with several instructors trying to hone his newfound skills. When he was done in the training yard, he would go straight to his father’s office and get lessons there. From there, he would go to another academic tutor to do exercises in arithmetic, grammar, and history.

He had been training with this schedule for almost a year when his mother took ill. She had always been sickly, spending several days in her bed every month. Some days she was unable to leave the dark, heavily curtained room. Her illness was chronic, and it was one of the reasons that she had thought herself infertile.

She passed when Garrett was eleven. He sat at her bedside all night before she was taken to be put to rest. This was Garrett’s first brush with death. He was angry. His mom had been taken from him and no one could give him a good reason why. Whenever he had gotten sick, he always got better. Why couldn’t his mother do the same?

It was at this same time that Garrett and his father stopped seeing eye to eye. Garrett couldn’t understand his father’s reaction to his mother’s death. His father buried himself his work. Buried himself in business so he didn’t have to think about his wife’s death. Garrett worked out most of his frustrations in his Mistborn training, learning to fight and duel as best he could.

It was almost a year before Garrett was back to his studies at full force, and it was only with the help of a Terrisman steward that he actually started to study again. As he got older, the days became longer. He had a similar schedule, except he had cut his father out of the day. He instead learned basic business practices, how to negotiate, and public speaking with his steward Urshek.

When he was 15, he began attending balls, making friends, and fulfilling social obligations as well as those to his house as Mistborn and heir. He was decent at talking to people, and it was a welcome change to his usual Terrisman and books company that he had at home.

He met Edith Trellis at one of these balls. He was immediately taken with her, but he knew that his father would never allow him to officially court her if her house did not hold anything of strategic value to them. He danced with her at practically every ball. They even attended a ball once or twice together in that time. She was charming and interesting, not to mention beautiful.

When he was seventeen, his father started looking for potential matches for Garrett. Garrett did not spend much time talking to his father, even so many years after his mother’s death, but things had cooled down between them. They had very superficial conversations, and conversations about what was happening in the business. They were cordial with one another, but not close any longer. Miles started compiling a list of women that would be suitable for a match with Garrett and handed it to Garrett one afternoon.

Garrett was supposed to rank these women in order of who he thought were the best choices. Miles had ranked them in order of importance, social status, and most financially beneficial. Which houses they gained the most by being allied with. Much to Garrett’s surprise, Edith Trellis’ name was on the list. The whole concept of using a list to choose a bride seemed so strange to Garrett. His father was a fan of lists for everything. Need to choose next month’s dinners? Make a list. Need to decide which parties to attend? Make a list. Garrett could have told his father without a list that Edith would be a good choice for him.

His father began the arrangements, but he did not want it to be an “arranged marriage.” Nor did he want it to look that way to anyone. It was much better if it appeared that Garrett chose his bride, in Miles’ eyes. In fact, Garrett had chosen. If his father had said no, he would have asked her to marry him anyway. Their families negotiated the contract, that ended up being mutually beneficial to each house.

During the search for a wife for Garrett, Miles found a new wife for himself. Garrett never understood how his father could remarry after losing Cecily. Garrett was nice to his step mother, who became pregnant very soon after the marriage to Miles, but he didn’t care to interact with her. It was not until his sister was born that he took an interest in the family.

There was so much potential in the tiny child. He loved to spend as much time with her as his studies would allow. At times, he would unintentionally let his sister distract him from his studies by playing games with her that would last too long. He loved being an older brother.

Soon after his sister’s birth, Garrett and Edith began courting, attending balls regularly together, and were engaged before the year was out. Garrett could not remember a time where he was happier. As he spent more time with her, he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They were married by the time Garrett had turned twenty. What was more, they were in love.

Garrett wanted to spend every waking moment with Edith. He found himself shirking other responsibilities just to spend more time laying with her in the mornings. He cared little about responsibility when he could be with her. She was witty, smart, and the idea of having to leave her tore him in two.

Garrett’s father spent more time teaching him the intricacies of the Allomantic Metals business in the Western Dominance. They had controlled a set of mines and processing facilities in the Tremredare region for many generations. The mines were small, but lucrative, and they had negotiated contracts with other houses in the area that let them ascend to High House long before Miles was Lord Atwood.

Miles and Garret’s stepmother were killed in an accident while they were on holiday. Garrett was sad, but he could remember being more upset when his mother died at age eleven. Losing his father didn’t seem to impact him as much as he thought it might. He attributed that to the weight of being named Lord Atwood, and the fact that he and his father hadn’t had a genuine conversation in over a decade.

He wore the mourning black for the appropriate length of time, went back to wearing his house colors after that. When the house had recovered from Miles’ sudden death, Garrett was left to control the house. For a few months he did well. He had help from Edith, who seemed to understand the business as well as he did. She helped him to control his feelings of loss, while he tried to stabilize the business. Many of his father’s contracts were falling apart because of his death - they didn’t trust the new Lord Atwood yet. Until Garrett followed through on his father’s plans, they didn’t trust him.

It was Edith who helped him through that, and Garrett thought he had everything under control.

Until their keep was attacked.

Garrett was the house’s only Mistborn. There were several other Allomancers among them, but being the only Mistborn meant that he had to often be in two places at once.

Garrett had to make some difficult decisions when one of the mines was shut down due to a cave in. He didn’t give Lord Dawkins, an old friend of his father’s, a shipment of metals that Miles had promised him. He didn’t intend on fulfilling his end of that deal, in order to favor some more, important contracts. He didn’t perceive Dawkins as being a threat to Atwood because of the friendship Lord Dawkins had with his father.

He misjudged them.

They came in full force at the Atwood estates. He left Edith in their bed chambers with guards as he defended against attackers. Dawkins attacked from two sides. The east of the property was the most heavily fortified, but there were weak points. So, they attacked there, and to the south.

Garrett did his best to aid the guards in both places, jumping back and forth between the incursion sites. He didn’t realize that there had been three assassins sent into the keep from a different approach.

They assumed that Garrett would be in his bed chambers with his wife, because none of them knew he was a Mistborn, and none of them knew he, himself would be fighting to keep Lord Dawkins’ troops from taking the Atwood estate.

It was not until the battle was done that Garrett returned to his chambers to see his wife on the ground, bleeding from the stomach. She had been stabbed and left to die. Her nightgown was soaked with her blood, and the three guards Garrett had left to protect her were already dead.

They had intentionally left her alive.

They wanted to send a message.

Garrett couldn’t think straight. She was nearing death and Garrett applied pressure to her wound. He knew it would do no good, but his instincts took over.

His whole world came crashing down around him, and he didn’t see or hear anyone else. The rest of the world was dark. Urshek helped make sure everyone else was safe, including Garrett’s sister.

He sat with his wife until she passed. He sobbed into her hair as he cradled her body until the morning.

The next few months passed with great effort, not unlike slogging through a waist high vat of wet ash. Garrett felt like he was moving through a fog. It was months before he left his house again. Urshek helped him maintain the house business, and kept the books in order.

For those months, Garrett rarely left his room. Not even his sister could get him to leave. He didn’t go through a public mourning period, because he didn’t go out or attend balls for the full mourning period that was expected of him.

He did finally get up when Urshek convinced him to. There were certain things that Garrett was the only authority on and that needed his attention. It was only the matters of the house that dragged Garrett out of bed and back into life.

Almost a year after Edith died, the oldest of the Atwood mines dried up. Garrett was given the news through a series of letters from the mine’s foreman. The skaa hadn’t pulled up a node of metal in almost a week, despite being pushed harder than ever. This meant real trouble for Atwood.

Atwood dealt in Allomantic metals. The metals came from the various mines they controlled throughout the Western Dominance, but the biggest and oldest mine they had was of course, the most important. It would be a big blow to their finances, and they wouldn’t be able to keep up the production levels to keep all of the terms of the contracts they held.

So Garrett was forced to reach out to an old ally of his father’s to pull them out of the hole. He contacted Sureau and worked out a deal. Atwood would make a Luthadel bid, take control of a mine that Sureau owned the deed to, and then they would be in the clear.

Garrett started making the preparations and spreading the right rumors in Tremredare. He wanted the news that Atwood was taking control of Sureau’s mine to provide them with Allomantic metals to spread. He wanted it spread to Luthadel.

He knew that the moment he tried to make a bid for Luthadel, the hammer of Deveaux that Atwood had avoided thus far would come crashing down on his house and they would be dead. It wouldn’t even be a negotiation that he could bargain for their lives. Deveaux controlled Allomantic metal mining and refining in the Northern and Central Dominances. He could not compete with an old, powerful house that did not abide others trying to encroach on their business.

Not to mention that Garrett did not trust Sureau to keep them safe while they moved their operation to this mine that was too close to the Central Dominance for Garrett’s liking. Garrett decided to take the contract from Sureau, despite the danger, but he wasn’t going to move his mining operations there.

He planned to give the deed to Deveaux. With this deed as a condition of the deal, Atwood would offer itself as well, to be absorbed into Deveaux. They needed Deveaux's protection from being obliterated, and Deveaux needed a foot in the door of the Western Dominance. It wouldn't work if Atwood was just made a vassal of Deveaux, however. As far as Garrett was concerned, he would need to get the entirety of Atwood dissolved and reincorporated as members of Deveaux's family in order to get the kind of protection that he would need from Sureau.

Garrett didn’t tell anyone of this plan - not even his sister, with whom he tried to share everything. It would not work if anyone in Sureau got wind of what they were going to do. He didn’t believe his sister would betray his confidence on purpose, but idle conversation made even the best of plans go awry.

Garrett met with Stefan Sureau and worked out the details of a contract, through which Atwood would provide Allomantic metals they refined from the mine that was certified to be a wealth of metals. The contract, once signed, also provided to Garrett the deed to the land the mines were found on. The deed was the important piece. Without the deed, he didn't have the right to operate on the premises, and therefore he couldn't offer that right to Deveaux.

Once he was in possession of this deed, Garrett got back in his carriage and left Keep Sureau. He had made it through one stressful meeting and instructed his driver to take him to Keep Deveaux at a leisurely pace… and to make sure they were not followed. It took an extra two hours, with three stops at various marketplaces in between to make the distance from Keep Sureau to Keep Deveaux.

He was overly cautious, but he had every right to be. Sureau … had a reputation.

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Ciprian Tekiel

01 February 2018 - 03:56 AM

Noble Misting

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Name/Handle: Moru
Contact: Find the underground fighting ring, ask the bookie for a tall glass of lemonade. He’ll point you in the right direction.

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Name: Ciprian Tekiel
Type: Noble
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Klessium
Occupation: Gentleman Brawler.
Relationship Status: Single

Posted Image

Type of Powers: Misting.
Metals Used: pewter.
Degree of Skill: Advanced.
Status: Known.

Posted Image

Ciprian is of average height with a muscled build. He has broad shoulders and a lean waist. Ciprian is considered handsome. He has high cheekbones and a square jaw. He tends to forget to shave, which leaves a bit of stubble on his face. He keeps his hair short, so it can’t be pulled in the arena while he’s fighting.

When he is in the nobleman’s scene, at balls, he generally wears a nobleman’s suit. He likes deep jewel toned clothes. He pays close attention to his appearance in these situations, and always follows the fashion trends of the moment.

When he’s fighting, he rarely dresses up. He is almost always wearing trousers and either a loose fitting shirt, or no shirt. He likes to wear brass knuckles in the fighting ring. Even though the metal can be manipulated with Allomancy, he finds that the draw in the fighting ring.

Posted Image

Ciprian is an adrenaline junkie. He loves having fun, and most of the time, his idea of fun is to jump off of roofs and go pewterdragging through the streets. He just enjoys a good time, and doesn’t want to have the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He gets bored easily, and finds ways to entertain himself, but would prefer an audience. He has never had to be responsible, so there is no real reason for him to try to be.

He has always gotten along with people that were his age or younger than him, and rarely did he seek the attention of adults. He preferred to be the one that his little cousins looked up to. He is a natural born leader, and has the charisma and charm to back it up.

He likes to see the best in people, but he is not naive enough to think that most people are inherently good. He’s a good judge of character, and spends a fair amount of his time around people. He doesn’t like to be alone, and will go out of his way to make sure there are people around until he is in bed, asleep.

He’s shallow, and likes to look good, as well as only goes after women that he thinks are beautiful. He doesn’t like to commit to anything, and alienates most women whom he dates. He has not found a woman who could hold his attention long enough to marry her yet.

There is a part of Ciprian that he doesn’t show to most people. He is soft inside. He cares deeply about his family and close friends, and would go to great lengths to protect them. He tries to act like nothing matters, but when it gets right down to it, he cares intensely.

Posted Image

Special Skills: Fighting, Persuasion, Flirting, Dancing

Strengths: Ciprian is decisive. Once he has made his decision, he’s determined to follow it through. He is also charismatic, charming, and he knows how to tell a story. He can capture an audience and regale them with tale after tale, without them seeming bored. He is also disciplined, and has the determination to be a good fighter. He has a good, working knowledge of how the world works - but he’s not very book smart. He has a lot of common sense, and he knows how to use his strengths to get what he wants.

Weaknesses: Ciprian doesn’t take the time to listen to everyone’s opinion about a situation. Generally he’ll make decisions based only on his own desires. That being said, he’s largely driven by emotion, rather than logic, which can present a problem when his heart wants one thing and his head tells him he shouldn’t.

Ciprian is also not inclined toward books, learning, or high brow conversation. He bores easily. He has never needed to be responsible for any real part of his family’s business, which he barely knows, which means that he has never tried to support anyone else, but instead chases his own adrenaline high.

Posted Image

Ciprian Tekiel was born in the year 892 to Alcott and Eadwina Tekiel. He was their first child and it would take them many years to conceive another. Ciprian grew up with his cousins, without a care in the world. He wasn’t the heir to anything important, so he was left to do what he wanted most of the time.

When he was old enough for a tutor, he barely listened to them. He instead favored playing outside. At the very least he did learn to read and write at an early age. Though, he didn’t enjoy it.

Ciprian was tested for Allomancy at the age of eight. He was beaten while his father watched. Ciprian felt so helpless, even though he had known going into it what had to be done. He wanted to fight back, but his attackers were adults. They were three times his size and weight. Ciprian was a small, scrawny child.

It didn’t take long for Ciprian to succumb to the beating and curl up on the ground. He had been given vial of metal before the beating, and just before it was over he felt something new. He tried to use the power, and the pain dulled.

He woke up in his bed with his mother by his side. He had been asleep for several days, in and out of consciousness. He was fed metals, and instinctively he burned them. They helped him to heal. That meant that he must be a Pewterarm. A Thug.

He began his training when he had fully recovered from his beating. The training included strength training as well as dueling, fighting, and defense. Ciprian was most interested in learning to wrestle. He had two different tutors that taught him how to fight. One of them was classically trained in dueling and one of them was a fighter. Ciprian was bored by the dueling training, and never really got the hang of it. He did enjoy getting to carry around weighted dueling canes, though. He also spent the majority of his time training in various fighting forms.

His sister was born after he recovered from his beating. She was so tiny and fragile, Ciprian was always afraid he would hurt her. He never held her when he had any pewter reserves, in case he hurt her with his strength. He loved his little sister.

It was also around this time that Cirprian took his first trip to Luthadel. He met his cousins Aldwin and Kardin and they got to play together, and become close, even though they didn’t have much in common. Aldwin and Kardin were inseparable, and Ciprian was only around for short periods of time, but he always had fun running around after them. He found that he got along better with his younger cousins than any of the ones he met that were older than him.

Over the next several years, Ciprian traveled with his father back and forth from Klessium to Luthadel, and every time they came to Luthadel, he spent time with Aldwin and Kardin. Every time they went back to Klessium, he helped take care of his sister and played with her.

When he was fifteen, he started attending balls. It didn’t take him long to realize that he would need to make friends his own age if he was going to have any fun at all. He found the perfect friend. Tristand Izenry wanted someone to follow, and Ciprian wanted someone to share in the fun. Ciprian and Tristand became fast friends.

Tristand was always taking out different girls to balls and parties, but never the same one twice. Ciprian would do the same. He’d bring a girl out, dance with her, hit on other women while he was with her, and by the end of the night, the girl didn’t want to be with him anymore. This was his own way of keeping people at a distance from him. He rarely let anyone get close enough to see the real him. Especially women.

He wanted to be cool. So, he exuded confidence, and spent his time trying to find the fun in every situation.

At balls and parties, there were a fair number of duels. He would watch them, bored, because they had so many rules. Ciprian was never good at dueling because he found it too structured, but he enjoyed wrestling, brawling, and fighting.

The idea for a brawler’s club dawned on him after sitting and watching formal duels at a party in Klessium. He was twenty, and had spent the better portion of the last decade lifting weights and learning how to fight. The brawler’s club would only have a few rules, and there would be bets. Bigger ones than were placed on duels.

“I have an idea,” Ciprian said. This was his famous line. He always had a new idea for having fun.

“This better be an idea that doesn’t involve jumping off the roof. Even you regretted that last one,” Tristand said to him.

“Regret it? Never! I may regret lying to those poor men about being a Thug, and subsequently being punched in the face a lot, but I do not regret jumping.”

Tristand rolled his eyes. “I didn’t enjoy getting punched either.”

“Well, you don’t have to get punched for my new plan.”

“I will believe that when it happens…”

“We are going to start the Klessium Gentlemen Brawler’s Club. We’ll get some fighters, place some bets… and best of all, it won’t be stuffy and boring like dueling.” Ciprian was well aware that Tristand liked dueling. If it weren’t for Ciprian, Tristand would be boring, too.

“I don’t know about that, Cip,” Tristand said.

“Trust me! It’ll be fine. We’ll rent out one of those warehouses by the canal. We’ll invite everyone, and when they come we’ll have a fight, take some bets. What could go wrong?”

“I could get punched in the face.”

“No, you’ll be fine.”

Tristand and Ciprian set up the Gentlemen Brawler’s Club. At the end of every week, Ciprian would fight and win a lot of boxings doing it. The club took off. They made a lot of money, and fought a lot. Tristand didn’t get punched in the face a single time. It did help that one of Ciprian’s only rules of the Klessium Gentlemen Brawler’s Club was that no violence was to be brought to the person handling all of the bets (Namely Tristand). The other rules included: no biting, no hitting someone else in the groin, and no atium. Anything else was allowed. Mistings were allowed to use their metals, whether they declared that they were going to use them or not.

This was the center of Ciprian’s life for a few years, until Tristand had to bow out in order to get married. Tristand was always more ambitious than Ciprian was when it came to his family’s business. He just assumed that was the difference in their stations. Ciprian had no bearing on the future of his house, because he wasn’t even close to the direct line of succession. Almost every other person in the house would have to die, in order for him to be put in charge.

For Tristand, there was only one person standing in the way. Ciprian might have been more inclined to pay attention if that were his case, as well. Instead, Ciprian was left without the desire to get involved in his family’s business.

Tristand got married to a woman named Adrianne. He went from being Tristand Izenry to be ing Lord Entrone. The two were really made for each other, even though neither of them could see it. When they got married, Ciprian quietly handed over the Club to another nobleman to keep it running, and he would occasionally go back to fight, but he was no longer involved in the business and promotion side of things. He lost interest when his best friend became too busy to come out with him every week.

When his sister started attending balls, Ciprian was sent along as a chaperone. He was supposed to look after his baby sister, and truthfully, he would have gone even if his parents hadn’t demanded he do so. He wanted to keep an eye on the people she was spending her time with.

His sister fell in love quickly.

His sister fell for a man that reminded Ciprian of himself at that age. She fawned over him, and he clearly wasn’t that interested in her virtue. Ciprian had to put an end to their engagement, but he didn’t want his sister to know that it was him that stopped it.

He was conflicted about this for a few days before bringing it to his parents. They suggested that Ciprian take his sister on a trip to Luthadel and stay there to find a potential match. She might be sad at first, but at least she would be away from the bad influences of Klessium.

Truthfully, he had grown bored of Klessium, and the last he heard from Tristand, they were going to Luthadel to lock down a contract for Entrone. So he’d have a reunion with his best friend, and keep his sister from marrying a man who only wanted to get in her skirts. Life was good.

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After he got his sister settled in the keep, Ciprian needed to get out and explore the city. He hadn’t been to Luthadel in a while, but he remembered his favorite spots from the last time he visited. He went into a gentleman’s club, talked with some people he knew, and then left because all they wanted to talk about was business. None of them were interesting enough to keep Ciprian’s attention.

He wandered the streets, trying to find a good time, and he did. He found a gambling ring, and cheated some people out of some money. None of them knew who he was, which worked in his favor. They probably would have handed him their money if they had known - he assumed that these men were not nobles, after all. But swindling a noble and swindling a skaa were basically the same if you came away with boxings.

He decided that none of this was fun without stopping in on his best friend Tristand. He knew where Tristand was staying, and he brought a bottle of Tristand’s favorite brandy. Ciprian knew he had been followed to Tristand’s rented housing. It was one of the reasons that Ciprian didn’t go back to Keep Tekiel. He didn’t want to lead the men right to his own door.

No, it was safer to lead them to Tristand.

Tristand’s servants answered the door, and went to call on Tristand. The hour was late, but his friend was probably awake and still at work, if he still kept the same schedule he always did. Tristand was boring. He liked routine. Ciprian had tried to break him of that habit, but it never did stick.

“Are you daft?” Tristand said, incredulously as he walked up.

“Still dressed. That means you’re ready to come out, then?” Ciprian said, handing the bottle of brandy to Tristand.


“Come on, you haven’t had fun in almost a year. Come out and have a drink and meet some people with me.” Ciprian said.

“I have a fairly important meeting in the morning, Cip. There’s no way I’m coming out with you.”

Ciprian sighed. “Then give us that bottle back.” He said, pulling it from Tristand’s hands. He chuckled and took a swig. He slurred his words intentionally.

Tristand narrowed his eyes. “Are you okay?”

Ciprian swayed on the doorstep, and then turned to go, knowing that Tristand couldn’t let his drunken friend wander home alone. Tristand was just a stand-up gentleman like that. It only took a few seconds for Tristand to get to his side. They walked for a few blocks, away from Tristand’s rented house.

“You didn’t even ask me why I’m in Luthadel, Tris.” Ciprian said, still intentionally slurring his words. Ciprian slipped his left hand in his jacket pocket as they walked

“Why are you in Luthadel?”

Before Ciprian could answer, two men appeared in front of them. They looked rough. Neither of them had seen the sharp edge of a razor in a few days, except that both of them were carrying knives. That didn’t seem to fit. One of them was bald with a hat on, trying to hide the fact that he was bald. The second had hair all over the place. Someone should do a transplant.

“Yes, M’Lord, why are you in Luthadel?” Baldy said. “Are you here just off the boats?”

Ciprian looked at Tristand and smirked. The anger in Tristand’s eyes was worth it. He handed Tristand the bottle of brandy again. Tristand took it, but Ciprian could tell it was to save the brandy, and not because Ciprian wanted him to hold it.

Ciprian didn’t bother waiting for the men to announce their purpose. The knives stated that fairly clearly. He pulled his hand out of his pocket, now wearing brass knuckles on his left hand. He held a second set, and slid them onto his right hand.

Ciprian leapt forward and punched Baldy in the face. Hairy came around behind him, and stabbed at Ciprian, narrowly missing. That wasn’t fair, but it was exactly what Ciprian would have done. He burned pewter, ignored the pain and kept fighting them. He used pewter-fueled punches to disable Baldy, and then circled back for Hairy.

Once they were both on the ground, bleeding from various wounds, faces almost unrecognizable, Ciprian picked up their discarded knives, and rummaged through their clothes to collect what he liked to call his “payment” for having to teach them a lesson.

“That went better than I expected,” Cirprian said, grinning. “Here’s your cut.” Ciprian put some boxings in Tristand’s hand and guided his friend back into his house.

“So I see the last year hasn’t tempered you,” Tristand said as they went inside. “Let’s break into that brandy and catch up.”